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Day 87 - Enchanted Woods

Mmm, cosy. I am always trying to look positive at things, and the bad weather really fits my sessions. It is harder to stay inside when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. By the way, that line is from one of the best songs in the world, do you know which one? Today I am going through both Video Slots and Slots to find a suitable game to play.

A Video Slot called Enchanted Woods it is. Looks new, and I have heard about it. When I start up the game, I realize that there is only one single payline. Usually not my kind of game, but for some reason I like the looks of it. There are hold-buttons you can use and also a bonus symbol and a wild.

Since there is only one payline, there is more room for innovative design. The symbols are larger than usual and I think they really managed to use the extra space design wise. Anyway, here we go. I choose to bet €0,20 per spin in order to secure lots of play time. Hopefully I´ll win some as well.

This is simple. Any three of a kind or more will win you money. The wild replaces any other symbols in a winning line, except for the fat bonus toad. If you hit two toads you will win money, if you hit three or more you will enter a special feature. Haven´t seen that feature yet, but I am of course aiming for it.

One thing is nice. If you hit a winning line with three of a kind, those symbols are automatically locked in the next spin. You can lock any symbols you like every other spin, which means that if you hit a winning line in the lockable spin, you will be able to spin again with the winning line locked, having a chance to hit even more of those symbols. Nice.

Bank roll at €5 now, and I have been playing for almost 20 minutes. Now I am taking a chance and raise my bet to €0,50 per spin, hoping for a bigger win. Not a wise move. Not a single win and ten spins later I am bust. Not one single time did I see the purple fairy, who is the wild. Doh.

All in all, Enchanted Woods is a nice Video Slot. Not a winner for me today, but well worth a try if you have not played it before. Play with sense and responsibility and your stay at will be an enjoyable one. Good luck!