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Day 86 - Adventure Palace

As usual I am playing on a daily basis, but during these nice summer days it is hard to sit down and write about the games. It is nice to have some time off as well, I hope you guys have that too. Loading up another €10 and aiming for a Video Slot called Adventure Palace.

Looks good at first glance. Five reels, nine pay lines, wilds, scatters and Free Spins. It is possible to play all 9 paylines for only 9 cents per spin. I chose to play 45 cents per spin and start playing. Wow this game is cold. I hit nothing. And then I really mean nothing. My first win comes after I have lost €7. Only €3 left now.

The elephant symbols are wild and finally I hit three of those. I win €9 and for the first time I am back over my starting stack. Is my luck going to turn now maybe? Still chasing the Free Spins, my favorite feature where I can win loads of money.

I play for 10 more minutes and I am really close to hitting the Free Spins a couple of times. Unfortunately I run out of luck and I bust my bank roll. Again. Doh. When is this anti rush going to end?

Next week I am going to thoroughly go through the different games and pick my next one with care. Maybe a scratch card game, I usually win in those.

Good luck and play responsibly!