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Day 85 - Big Top

Ok here we go. Today is a perfect day for some casino games, and especially some Video Slots of course. I had the privilege to visit one of my favorite bands concert last weekend. Iron Maiden. The shit. The legends. I am humble. Back to reality and a Video Slot called Big Top.

Finally! It took some time, but now all the games are sorted from a-z. Much easier to quickly find a game, and also to keep track on which ones I have played already. The next step will be to sort all the Game of the day as well. “Did Mike play Tomb Raider II? Let me check if he´s got any valuable info on that one”. Wouldn´t that be nice?

10 new Euros in my account and I pick a Video Slot starting with B. Early in the list. Big Top. Before I start playing I upload the pics of the game. I then realize that the minimum bet is €2,25, if I want to play all 9 pay lines, and of course I want to do that. Doh, I have only got 5 spins if I don´t win.

Big Top is really a simple Video Slot. You do have a scatter and a wild, but the only thing they do are to replace other symbols and add some winnings regardless where they turn up on the reels. No bonus features, no Free Spins.

The maximum bet in Big Top is €45 and I guess that makes this a game suitable for whales. Maybe not whales, but definitely players with a larger bank roll than €10, like me. First spin lost. Second spin won. Only back at €10 though. The next five spins lost. Over and out.

Next time I will do a more thorough research of the game before I set up the pics on I know we have some new games coming up in July, we´ll see if I play one of those in the next session.