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Day 84 - Supe It Up

It has been 8 days since the last Game Of The Day, sorry for that. Summer has grabbed a firm grip of my time and I have been enjoying the fine weather. Of course I have been playing some at as well, but I have not written anything about the sessions. But now it is time. Today I am playing a Video Slot called Supe It Up.

Supe It Up is found under the Video Slots section and it looks new and well designed. I have €15 to bring in to the game and I set the stakes at €0,50 per spin. I can tell that this is a perfect Video Slot for Mike. It has 25 pay lines, wilds, scatters and Free Spins. Nice.

The car symbols in this motor-themed game are nicely designed and you can tell that Supe It Up is a fairly new Video Slot. I start spinning and as usual I am winning often, but unfortunately not very much. My bank roll is dropping fast and after just a few minutes I am down at €3. My luck turns a bit when I win €8 in one spin, taking me back up above the €10 line.

I need three, or more, speakers to hit the Free Spins but it takes over 10 minutes before I even hit two of them. This game is cold. The speakers start to appear more often now but I never hit more than two. I like that the reels are slowing down when two are hit and I am waiting for a third, but it never happens.

I bust my bank roll again. Doh. I am starting to realize how fortunate I was when I managed to play for almost 60 days with only €10. But I will do it again. Persistence. Stamina. Patience. Responsibility. That´s what it is all about, and I have it all.

No more than 7 days until the next session, I promise. Enjoy the summer, but don´t forget to play some casino games. Someone´s going to hit the jackpots. Will it be you?