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Day 76 - Win Spinner

Leaving the world of Roulette and playing one of our Slots instead. I have had some tough sessions in our Slots, I have this strange feeling that it is harder to win in those. Three reels instead of five, and not the same kind of bonus features as you´ll find in Video Slots. But that´s just me. Win Spinner it is.

Win Spinner. Suitable name, and looks fresh and crips. I´ll go for that one. I see that it has a special set up compared to regular Slots. In this one you do not win cash when you hit a winning line on the reels. Instead you win x amount of spins in the Win Spinner-reel, and in there you win every time.

I like this Win Spinner feature. Regardless if I hit three cherries, giving me only 1 Win Spin, or three Win Spinner-symbols, giving me 25 Win Spins, I have a shot at the jackpot in the Win Spinner reels. Nice. In the Win Spinner reels you can win from 1x your bet up to the jackpot of 500x your bet.

On your way to the Win Spinner reels you have some help from features like Nudge and Hold. I lose count of how many times I enter the Win Spinner reels, but I do not lose count of my bank roll. It is dropping like a stone.

Over and out. I bust again. Doh, I thought I was on my way to a new record series, but now I am back at square one. New €10 tomorrow. Back to Video Slots.