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Day 75 - French Roulette

Ok, I am playing something else than a Video Slot. I am looking through our list of Roulette games and there is only one that I can tell for sure that I have not played yet, and that is French Roulette.

Since the lowest bet is €1 per game, this is not a wise game of choice, since I only have a bank roll of €44. I guess you all know how a simple game of Roulette works, so I feel I don’t need to dig too deep in to this game. I´ll just play a few spins and see if there are any special features.

As usual I bomb number 14. It costs me €10 and I manage to hit a ¼ winning me €9. I do that twice in a row, and the third time I lose. I place a couple off single bets on 14 but lose them all. I was really close on the last one when the ball landed on 31, next to 14.

€30 left on the bank roll, I am not spending more money on this one. I think I have said it before, I love the Roulette, but I need a larger bank roll to have the stamina I need.

French Roulette is plain and simple. The design and feel is really old and our screen dump of the game is not the same as the game itself, it looks more tight. I need to check this with the design guys at, hopefully we can upgrade the game to a newer version.

Lost some today, but responsible to stop playing and not chasing my lost money. I´ll do that tomorrow in a Video Slot or a regular Slot.