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Day 74 - Call Of The Colosseum

Nice to be back with a few consecutive days winning. Yesterday ended with a €19 bank roll, which was a bit disappointing at the time, but today I am glad to have more than the usual €10. The Video Slot I am playing today is Call Of The Colosseum. Looks nice.

Even though I can play all 25 paylines for €0,25 per spin, I decide to bet €0,50 instead. I am taking a chance to hit the Free Spins early, hence winning more in there. The Caesar symbol is Wild and he appear often. I need three shields to enter Free Spins, and that is what I am aiming for of course.

Win some, lose some. My bank roll is stable around €15 for a long time, and I feel confident that my plan is going to work. After some losses I go below €10 but that is when it happens. Free Spins.

This is great! I now realize that every time the Caesar appears on the reels during Free Spins, I get a chance to have more Free Spins added. This happens a lot! When the Free Spins started I had 10 spins. As I go along I am winning often and all wins are doubled. When the Free Spins ends I have won 34 (!) extra spins, making it a total of 44 spins.

I have never played that long in a Free Spins mode before. And I left with a total bank roll of €44. Nice! Mike is back, and this time he is taking care of the new bank roll. Time to try something else than a Video Slot tomorrow. Roulette maybe?