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Day 73 - Mad Mad Monkey

I am now up at €25 and I am continuing my combing of our Video Slots. There are some new ones which I have never tried. They are all very modern and offer nice features and design. Today I am playing a Video Slot called Mad Mad Monkey.

There are 50 paylines and I can bet all lines for as low as €0,50 per spin. Nice. As in many of our Video Slots there are a lot of moving animations. For example, there is a monkey appearing around the reels and also butterflies passing by.

Wow, this game really provides action. The Wilds are set in a vertical row which means that you can hit several wilds at the same time, hence winning on multiple lines. There are also coins raining when you win big. And I do. I am up over €40 after just 10 minutes.

To hit the Free Spins you need at least three Scatters as usual. I am now aiming for the Free Spins. Mad Mad Monkey turns cold on me. I manage to hit the Free Spins, but when I do my bank roll has dropped to €14. To my disappointment I only win €5.

Ok, €19 left for tomorrow. I am not going to bust now.