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Day 72 - Unicorn Legend

Finally. Yesterday my luck turned. I went from €10 to €20 in the Video Slot Hot Ink. Nice. Was it just a lucky hit or was it the start of an attempt to go for the record of 58 consecutive days? Anyway, I am playing yet another new Video Slot, and this time it is called Unicorn Legend.

Bright and shiny colors. Mystic, fairytale environment and of course the Unicorn. There are 25 paylines and I can play them all for only €0,25 per spin. Great! I love it in these new Video Slots, where the coins start raining over the screen when you win big. And I do! A €10 win and a €5 within just a few minutes.

The bank roll is now at €32 and I am chasing the Free Spins. The Unicorn is wild and I hit it often. Nice. Now, I need three Emblems to enter Free Spins. The reels move slow and smoothly in Unicorn Legend. I like it a lot. You can almost see what is coming next. Still chasing the Emblems, €28 bank roll now.

Gah, the game turns cold on me. €24 on the bank roll now. Should I raise my bets and hope for the Free Spins and winning big, but at the same time risk my new bank roll? We´ll see, a few more low bets. Gah again. Two spins later i hit the Free Spins, with the low bet.

When you enter you have three choices. 10, 15 or 20 spins, but with different multiplier value of course. I go for 10 spins with high value. Again, I only win €5. Too bad. Bank roll is now at €29. I´ll play it down to €25 or five more minutes.

I stop at an even €25. Another win. Great.