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Day 71 - Hot Ink

My luck has to turn at some point. It feels like ages since I had my winning streak. Is today the start of something new? Anyway, I am playing a new Video Slot called Hot Ink. Looks nice, has the new Respin-feature which can be very useful when chasing the big wins. Here we go.

I can tell that this is a Mike-machine. Free Spins, wilds, extra bonuses, Respin and 1024 ways to win for only €0,50 per spin. Why aren´t all Video Slots like that? The game is on and for the first time in days I am winning more than I bet. I go from €10 to €13,50 pretty quick.

I stay above €10 and win very often. After a few minutes I manage to hit something called Tattoo Bonus where I reveal three different tattoos, and if they all match I enter the Free Spins. I also win the value of each tattoo. €7 this time. Nice. No match though.

There is a classic way in to the Free Spins as well of course, and I am at €17 when I hit the three scatters and the Free Spins start. 20 free spins, nice. A bit disappointed with the result though, since I only win €4 in there. Must be a record low?

To make sure that I end today´s session as a winner I actually stop playing now. I have doubled my bank roll, and for the first time in a week I am playing with more than €10 tomorrrow. Nice.

A small comeback for Mike.