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Day 70 - Winning Wizards

A few days now with the lowest bank roll. I hate it. I realize now that I had some wonderful days with bank rolls up to €700. What happened? Today I am playing one of our new Video Slots. Winning Wizards. Should work.

Ouch. Lowest bet, playing all five lines, are €1,25 per spin. I am not going to last long if I don´t hit something really early into the game. Let´s check out the paytable first.

Ok, that was fast. There are no extra features in this Video Slot. And I mean none. No wilds, no scatters, no free spins or extra bonuses. Ok, simple enough, but not that exciting if you ask me.

I never win more than I bet, which of course means that my bank roll is dropping like a stone. It takes a few minutes to bust, and I am back at square one. Again.

When is this going to end? Winning Wizards. Losing Wizards in Mike´s world.