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Day 65 - Dino Might

Well, things are moving fast in the write-about-casino-games-business. Is that really a job anyway? In a few days I have gone from €2,50 up to €160, down to €14 and back to €40. You never know what to expect, and I guess that is a part of the exciting casino world. Wins, dreams, losses, frustration, excitement and fun. But most of all, DREAMS, if you ask me.

I mean, “is it my turn today?”. Someone is going to win big, why not me? Ok, many players lose, but they gave it shot, right? Look at me. I just went back to see when my last deposit was and, believe it or not, I deposited €10 on the 2nd of April. It is the 28th of May now and my bank roll is still alive.

Where am I going with this? Well, the casinos edge is not that big as people may think (provided you play at a serious one, like for example). I am living proof that it is possible to play in average 30 minutes every day, for more than 56 days with €10. It is all about responsibility and attitude. Don´t bet more than you can afford, responsible. Don´t try to win back old losses, attitude.

I am not perfect. If you have read the earlier Game Of The Day´s you will find sessions where I tilt, take chances and play non-responsible. But those days are limited, and still, I have my 56 days old €10. Ha ha, beat that if you can! If you decide to take a shot at it, drop me an email at or tell me on our Facebook page, and I´ll track your game play.

Ok, that was a long intro. Today I´ll play a Videoslot called Dino Might. We have some lucky winners in that game and since I can play all 25 lines for €0,25 it is a perfect fit for my €40 bank roll.

In Dino Might there seem to be three different special features. First we have the scatters. They do not take you in to Free Spins, instead you shall match 4 symbols in something called Match Bonus. In there you can win up to 20000 coins. Nice. Then there are the Wilds as usual and lastly you have a small bonus called Reel Bonus. Hit three dinosaurs in a winning line and simply pick one of them and reveal a winning amount. Simple.

I am of course chasing the Match Bonus. I hit two scatters pretty often but miss the third one. Unfortunately the reels do not slow down after the first two. That´s a feature I like as you all know. I win frequently but even the nicest combinations with five in a row do not pay any good. I seem to be stuck around €35.

Gah, dropping under €30 now. I need a Match Bonus soon, it does not seem to be possible to win big on the ordinary reels. I won´t go lower than €20, so either that, or Match Bonus to quit Dino Might.

And there we go, just a few more spins later. A bit disappointed though, I win €4,75 and end today´s session at €32. The top prize was 1000 coins, €10, though. I guess that is since I am betting only one coin per line.

Remember what I said. 57 days and counting with €10. Can you beat that?