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Day 64 - Cashapillar

Back at €160. Nice. Burning Desire was my kind of game. I have been looking at a Video Slot called Cashapillar for a while, but since the minimum bet is €1 to play all 100 lines, I have not been able to play it with my small bank roll. Now it is time though.

This one looks a bit different. There are many different winning symbols, more symbols on the reels and 100 winning lines. There are Free Spins and the wilds are special. They can appear several in a row vertically, which will give you multiple wins. I hit a couple of those early and win around €10 each time.

Cashapillar turns cold. I am winning often but the wins are almost insulting. 2 cents, 4 cents and 8 cents are common wins, and since I am betting €1 per spin the bank roll is dropping fast. Fairly often I hit two scatters, but I never manage to hit the third one which will take me into the Free Spins.

After being pretty stable around €130-€150 I drop below €100. I have been playing for almost 30 minutes now and I am really disappointed that I have not yet hit the Free Spins. I am on semi-tilt and decide to play until I get a chance in there. The wins in Free Spins must be good so I think it is worth it.

Seriously. This is not my day. Or my game. I am actually down at €14 before I win an ok win taking me back to €34. A few spins later I finally hit the Free Spins. C´mon now! Doh. I only win €13 in there. I was hoping for at least €50.

I stop playing and the bank roll is at €40. Come to think of it I am actually glad that I did not bust. It could have happened. Still a descent bank roll.