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Day 63 - Burning Desire

As you have seen I am back as a winner. A couple of days with Videoslots and I started winning again. Isn´t it strange? Or not. After yesterdays session, playing Stash Of The Titans, I am now back at a bit more secure bankroll level of €60. Nice. Today I am going for yet another Videoslot called Burning Desire.

Perfect. This one seems to belong to the series of Videoslots which has 243 winning combinations. I like. In those, the wins are frequent and the bet range is usually wide. The bets start at €0,25 and I decide to bet €0,50 per spin. To start with.

My favourite feature, Free Spins, is there. And just like yesterday it does not take long before I enter and win €9. Nice start. I continue playing and my bank roll stays steadily between €60 and €70. Except for the Free Spins there are frequent wins of €1 and €2 which is good since the bet is €0,50.

Burning Desire turns cold on me for a while. I go below €60 and i drop down to €53, but then I hit the Free Spins again. I win €13 and it takes me back to €66. Pheew. I decide to raise my bets to €1 per spin, but after a few minutes the bank roll starts to drop. Down at €50 I decide to bet €0,25 for a while and I hope to LOSE actually, since the plan is to lose for 20 consecutive spins with a low bet and then raise the bet to €2 and hope for the Free Spins. Have I lost it?

No, it is not a tilt. It is a chance I am willing to take and I want to try something new. At €45 I start to bet €2 per spin. I win some and lose some, but after a few minutes I am down at €32. That is when it happens. It is not the Free Spins, but it is a BIG WIN. The reels are filled with falling coins and the game starts blinking. I have hit five BELLS in a row and when the counter stops I have won €128! Bank roll is now at €160 and I stop for today.

Lucky? Skilled? Both? Responsible? You tell me. I am back as a winner anyway.