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Day 62 - Stash Of The Titans

Ok, here we go again. I´ll stick with Video Slots since it seems like I am winning on those. One of´s latest addition is Stash Of The Titans. It is brand new and there is not even a text description on the web site. So, here´s a review from a Mike-perspective.

I am glad to see that there are 20 paylines, and that I can bet from €0,20 and up covering all lines. I decide to bet €0,40 per spin and start with my €30 from yesterday´s session. I start spinning and I am checking out the paytable at the same time, and before I even learn that the girl with long green hair can take me into Free Spins, I hit three of those symbols. Nice!

I win €9 in the Free Spins mode and continue playing. Believe it or not, but three minutes later I hit Free Spins again. Twice in four minutes. Must be a first. This time I win €13 taking me up to €50 even. Should I stop playing already? Probably would be wise, but I want to see more of this Video Slot.

My bank roll starts to drop slowly and after a while I start to change my bets. After many consecutive losses I raise the bets, and the other way around. At one point I actually bet max which is €2. I am of course hoping to hit Free Spins again, and this time with a larger bet.

I am back at €40 after 20 minutes of play and decide to bet €1 per spin. The Free Spins can´t be far away now. I lose constantly and when I go under €20 I am starting to get a bit nervous. At €13 I hit it! Free Spins for the third time, and this time with a €1 bet. I hit some nice wins and leave the Free Spins with €47! I close the game down and the bank roll is now at €60. Mike is back!

Today I took some chances. Not that responsible. Lucky it worked out fine.