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Day 61 - Centre Court

Back to Video Slots. Have you seen the pattern? I build my bank roll with Video Slots and then lose it on the other games, especially Slots. Today I will play a Video Slot called Centre Court. It is a tennis themed game with 9 paylines. Time for revenge.

Looks like there is no fuzz. Really wide betting range, from low stakes to whale bets. I bet €0,27 per spin and I aim for Free Spins as usual. Except for the Free Spins feature there are also Wilds which is good of course.

I realize that I have gotten used to more paylines than 9. There are combinations coming up where I think I have won, but no. More winning combinations please! In Asian Beauty there were 243, that´s more like it.

My bank roll drops from €23 to €17 before I hit Free Spins. I win €9 in there and continue spinning to enter once again. Again I am down at €17 when I enter Free Spins. This time I win €13 on the LAST spin. Pheew. €30 on the bank roll now. Time to call it a day.

Winner again. Video Slots again. Not surprised. Anyone have a favorite Video Slot that you want me to try? Please tell me on Facebook and I´ll play it and write about it.