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Day 58 - Dogfather

More Video Slots. I Love them. A bit more now that I am on safe grounds with my bank roll. I saw in the Winning Now-list that someone was winning big on a Video Slot called Dogfather. Inspired by The Godfather, this game includes mafia characters in the shape of dogs. Time for Mike to try it out.

Dogfather has 20 lines and I can play them all from €0,20 per spin. I decide to continue with fairly low bets and set the stakes at €0,40 per spin, or in this case 40 coins. All the nice features are there; Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters and also an extra bonus called Mark Your Territory, where you get to choose from different places to take a leek., and they pay different amounts.

I like this one. The wilds are showing frequently and it takes me just a few minutes to hit the Free Spins. I win €11 and the bank roll has now passed the €50 level. Nice. I continue playing and after a few more minutes I hit the Mark You Territory bonus and win €13. Wow, I am really back I the game. €58 now.

10 minutes later my bank roll has gone from €58 down to €48 and then back up to €61 through yet another win in the extra bonus feature.

Dagfather really exceeded my expectations. Nice design, frequent wins and cool features. I am now going to do something I have not done before. I am going back to Scrooge to play my way in to the Free Spins again. I am half way there and with a bit of luck I will win more in the Free Spins area than I lose on my way there.

Scrooge is ice cold today. I miss the third scatter numerous times, and there are periods when there are no wins at all. I am down at €42 but win me back to €53 and now I am at €44. It is 21 December in the calendar and 24 Free Spins so far. Close now. There we go. €40 even when I hit the Free Spins. Let´s hope for a win of at least €20. Gah, almost. €16,46. Time to call it a day.

Fun and winning. Nice.