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Day 57 - Scrooge

Ok, now I have got control over what day it is. It is time to write a few lines about the Video Slot Scrooge. I need to play a few more spins to refresh my memory. When I played it two days ago I started with €20 and ended the session at €13. No catastrophe but I was dangerously close to zero before I won some back.

In Scrooge you can play up to 50 lines. I like! The minimum bet if you want to play all lines is €0,50 and that is what I did. For starters, you are allowed to choose between two bonus features before you start playing. Either you choose an extra day in the calendar or an extra free spin. Pick any, I don´t think it matters in the end. You´ll see what I mean.

Ok, I´ll explain. To get into Free Spins you need to count down from 1 December to 25 December in a calendar placed in the upper left corner. In the right upper corner you have a Free Spins counter. Every time you win on the reels you are handed (you can pick as well, but I guess the result will be the same) either a day off in the calendar OR an extra Free Spin. When you reach 25 Decemeber the Free Spins start and the amount of spins you get are the ones you have gathered during the game.

I take a chance and exit the game to see if my gathered days and spins are saved, and they are. Pheew. Nice. Since I can see my way towards the Free Spins it is not that exciting I think. I guess the designer of the game knows that, hence he/she has put in a scatter leading to yet another bonus feature, the Christmas Dinner, where you can win some extra cash.

As I am chasing the Free Spins my bank roll is slowly moving down. It actually gets pretty exciting since I am as low as €2,50 when I hit it. Close call. To my disappointment I only win €11 in the Free Spins mode and I stop playing there, having €13 on the bank roll. That is the €13 I later bring into Rhyming Reels Queen Of Hearts and win.

The additional spins I played to refresh my memory lost me €10, ending the second Scrooge session at €40. Half way to the Free Spins, we´ll see if I can stay away. Probably not. Nice feature by the way. I

Responsible. Yepp.