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Day 56 - Rhyming Reels Queen Of Hearts

Doh, I have made a mistake. Yesterday I thought I would prepare for today´s Game Of The Day, and started to play a Video Slot called Scrooge. Today I mixed up the days and started playing another Video Slot, Rhyming Reels Queen Of Hearts, without writing about Scrooge first. I´ll do that tomorrow instead.

When I start Rhyming Reels Queen Of Hearts I only have €13 since I lost €7 in Scrooge yesterday. Like I said, more about that session tomorrow. I pick this Video Slot since I can play all 30 lines for only €0,30 per spin, perfect for my small bank roll.

Nice. Free Spins, Scatters and Wilds. Loads of coins to win if you hit the right winning combination, and I can tell immediately that it is a video slot where you win often. After just a few spins I hit three golden crowns which takes me into Free Spins. I start the Free Spins with 10 spins, but after just a few spins I win anther 10 spins. I win totally €12 and it takes me up over €20. Nice.

After just a few more spins the reels start blinking and I can hear the lovely sound of coins. I had hit five queens (fat lady). The win counter stops at €45. Mike is back! To be honest, I am not 100% clear with what I was winning on. The lady and the wilds often show vertically on the reels, and sometimes I win and sometimes not. Well, as long as I win I don´t care. If you can explain the pay table, please tell me on Facebook.

I continue playing €0,30 per spin, even though my bank roll is a bit bigger now. I am down at €31, enter Free Spins again, win an ok win in the regular reels and stop playing at €50. Nice!

Tomorrow I´ll write about Scrooge. A couple of spins to refresh my memory from yesterday maybe, i do have the money now. I

Responsible. Winner. There you go.


Day 146 - Sunshine Reef

Well, it is time to leave the Christmas spirit behind and start dreaming of sunshine and bathing instead. I chose to play our new game Sunshine Reef.

Day 145 - Scrooge

Since Christmas is just a week away, I can´t avoid playing a Christmas inspired game, even if I played it already. One game I remember as fun and exciting is the Video Slot Scrooge.

Day 144 - Battlestar Galactica

We just got an extra game release this month! You will now find the Video Slots version of the famous TV-series, Battlestar Galactica!

Day 143 - Octopays

I am thrilled to start up a game today. Why? Because of the unique CASINO CASHBACK of course! For every spin I make when I play online Video Slots or Slots at, I get rewarded!

Day 142 - Break Away

It is time to play one of our latest Video Slots additions, the hockey game Break Away. This looks like a cool game!

Day 141 - The Amsterdam Masterplan

You don´t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out which game I am playing this week. The Amsterdam Masterplan!

Day 140 - The Joy Of Six

Yet again it is time for me to play one of our online Video Slots; The Joy Of Six. Even if this Game of the day is number 140, I still have loads of games to choose from. Almost 190 games unplayed so far!

Day 139 - Phantom Cash

As you have probably seen, we have found the real Halloween spirit here at, and I don´t want to miss that. Fortunately, one of our featured games, which is included in the Halloween Race

Day 138 - The Twisted Circus

Now it is time for one of the latest additions, the Video Slot The Twisted Circus. Before I even start playing, I can see that I will like this game.

Day 137 - Megadeth

Finally! I am about to play a new Video Slot called Megadeth, and yes, it is the classic rock band behind it. It looks like they are all there, Dave Mustaine and his band, the gear and the songs. Great!