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Day 55 - Break Da Bank

I have decided to play a Slot today. I see that the original, Break Da Bank, is a slot and my choice falls on that one. If I remember correctly, the sequel Break Da Bank Again, was a success for me. I think I won hundreds of Euros in that one. You can read about it in an earlier Game of the day.

Hmm, the minimum bet is €1 per spin and then I am only playing one line. Not my kind of game in other words. If I want to bet on all 5 lines, the minimum bet is €5 per spin. With my bank roll of €70 it could mean 14 spins and then game over. Doh.

Ok, I start playing even if it does not feel right at all. I bet €1 per spin and we are talking a minute or two before I am down at €50. Not good. I try one spin with €5 and win the same amount back. Typical, the win came on line 1, I would have won the same even if had bet only €1.

Not a good start. I am hesitating and feel that I should stop playing now. I go against my gut feeling this time and the bank roll is dropping like a stone. I forgot to look at the clock but I can’t have played for more than 7-8 minutes. I only win a few times, but all times the lowest win of €5.

I force myself to stop at €20. Gah, I just lost my hard earned €50, and I didn´t even get to play that much either. This Slots is for larger bank rolls. I could tell when I started up the game. Should have picked another game. I had lost before I even started playing.

Tomorrow I am going for a videoslot with low bets. I have some money to win back, and I want to play for more than 7 minutes.

Mr NonResponsible