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Day 54 - Lady In Red

Winner two days in a row. Not big, but after my tilt during the weekend I am just glad I am back on my feet. I was getting ready for a refill of €10, which was like 45 days ago, but I am still alive. I have decided to play a Video Slot today and my choice falls on the stylish Lady In Red.

Mmm, I will like this one. I can tell after just one spin. The reels are moving slow, there are Free Spins and Scatters, there are 25 lines which I can play from just €0,25. I bet €0,50 per spin, I believe I can afford it.

The wins are coming frequently and after playing for 10 minutes I am more or less break even. That is when it happens. I hit 3 scatters which takes me into the Free Spins area. Yeehaa! In Free Spins all wins are tripled so I am expecting a nice win.

I am a bit disappointed when leaving the Free Spins with €12, but it is better than nothing. I need to keep in mind that I am only betting €0,50 per spin, hence not winning so much either. I spin a few more times and it does not take long before I hit the FS again (since I am writing about them a lot I decide to shorten it). Nice.

This time something unusual happens. I win another set of FS when I am in the FS-area, giving me a total of 30 spins. I win totally €17 and my bank roll is now at €78. I decide to play until I am at €70 OR hit FS again. After a few minutes I stop at €70.

Three consecutive days winning. A bit more safe at €70. Fun playing again, and Lady In Red was a great Video Slot. I´ll be back for sure.

Slot tomorrow?