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Day 53 - Double Exposure Gold

As promised I am trying one of our Blackjack games today. I find one that I have never tried before, and it looks like something I will like. Double Exposure Gold. Believe it or not, but in this blackjack game both dealer cards are exposed. Nice.

Since you know what the dealer holds before you need to take action, the rules are a bit different from regular Blackjack. The dealer wins all ties except for tied Blackjack, players blackjack pays even money and players blackjack beats dealers blackjack. And much more. Read the complete rules at the table.

I start with betting €1 per game, win some lose some. I start to play a bit more and try some €3 bets and €5 bets. I am down at €40 but win me back to €60. I stop there. There´s not much more to tell about this game of Blackjack.

I liked it actually. Even if the odds are leveled out through the adjusted rules, I get the feeling that I have an edge towards the house, and that is nice of course.

Try it, regardless if you like Blackjack or not, I am sure you will find Double Exposure Gold an exciting casino game.

€60 on the bank roll. Winning two days in a row. Responsible to stop playing in time. Nice.

Slots or Video Slots tomorrow? We´ll see.