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Day 52 - Bush Telegraph

Ok, I have now cooled down a bit. I just realized that big loss came on Friday the 13th. Any connection you think? In an attempt to get some revenge and win some money back, I have decided to play yet another video slot, and my choice falls on Bush Telegraph.

There are 15 paylines and the betting range is wide. I decide to bet €0,45 per spin. Time to adjust to my “new” bank roll. There are some nice bonus features in this video slot. Free Spins, Bongo Bonus and a wild. I win a lot in the beginning but the wins are almost insulting. €0,06 and €0,12 are frequently coming back.

The bank roll is slowly dropping and I am at €17 when I manage to enter the Bongo Bonus. In there I get to pick three different surprises, but I leave with only €8. Disappointing.

I continue to lose money and I am at €8 when I hit the Free Spins. Can this be a savior? Yes, I win €22,50 and I am back at €30. Phew.

After just a few more spins I hit the Free Spins again. This time I win almost €40 taking me to €58 in total. I feel I have had my winning streak in this game and decide to quit playing.

Even if it was just an €8 win, I am still back as a winner and responsible player.

Maybe some Blackjack tomorrow?