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Day 50 - Wheel Of Wealth

Tilt. I got sucked in by the casino devil. I have been playing out of control. Wheel Of Wealth, the original. The thief. I just lost €400 in one session. I never thought that could happen to me, but it just did. Here´s the story.

It is day 3 of the Wheel Of Wealth-series and I start the game, the original Slot. I bet max to have a chance at the Spin-feature, and it costs me €3 per spin. That should be ok since I have €526 on the bank roll.

It just takes a few spins before I hit the Spin-symbol on reel three and I get to spin the Tivoli wheel. The top prize is €1000 and I hit a win of €200. Yehaaa! €700 bank roll now!

I feel I have enough to play a few more spins and I end up dropping down to €430 before I even blink. Doh. I hit the Spin-feature again and win €100 taking me back to €530. Phew.

I go to Photoshop to set up the pictures for Game Of The Day. This is when it happens..I am supposed to just write about the session and set everything up. But instead I feel I can hit the Spin-feature again, and start playing.

I am on tilt and the bank roll is down to €74 (!) before I hit the Spin-feature. I am of course hoping for a big one to take me back up, but the win is only €100. Time to stop, otherwise I´ll have nothing left.

€174 on the bank roll. Almost €400 lost. Tilt. Non responsible.