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Day 47 - Germinator

Leaving slots and video slots for a pick in the “Other Games” section. First one showing in the top flash is a game called Germinator. Our CEO, Alex´s, favorite. I need to check it out and see if he is right. He says he always wins playing that one. Sounds like a game I will like.

Hmm, I am having trouble understanding the rules and win features in this game. It is really something new. I set the bets to €2,40 per game and start playing. Colorful germs start to pop all over the screen and I win every time without understanding why.

After a few rounds I realize that I win every time three germs or more, of the same kind, end up next to each other, both vertically and horizontally. Since there are loads of them this happens a lot, and results in several wins per game. Different germs have different value and your win depends of the size of your bet.

I seem to have found yet another game that is low risk for my bank roll. Try it, you will get a lot of playing time with low risk and lots of action.

There is a bonus feature which will allow you to affect the outcome of the game. When you have hit three medical pills you will be able to remove all germs of the same kind. You just need to choose which kind you want to remove.

This game is really hard to explain in text, you just have to try it. Adjust the bet to your bank roll, and you will not risk too much while learning the game.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I won EVERY time. There was not a round where I won zero. After reaching €619 I lose down to €600 flat, and decide to stop for today.

Nice game, bank roll still intact, and responsible as usual (I would say anyway)