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Day 45 - Gopher Gold

A nice weekend is coming to an end. Great weather, family time and lots of laughs with good friends. It feels good to log in and see that the bank roll really is at €450. It wasn´t just a dream. Time for a video slot called Gopher Gold. First time playing this one.

This seems like a simple one in terms of betting options and wins. There are only 5 lines and 1 coin, and you simply set the stakes. I choose to play all 5 lines and set the lowest bet, which is €1,25. Hmmm, that is usually the highest stake in a video slot. I would have to consider this game to be perfect for high rollers, since the max bet is €25 per spin.

Regarding the wins, there are no free spins or extra features to enter. There is a wild of course and it replaces any symbols in a winning line, but apart from that you just chase as high win as possible on the reels.

I am dropping fast from €450 to €396. Winning frequently but not enough. In poker you say that you “tilt” when you get frustrated and lose it. I don´t know if the same wording apply in the casino world, but now I tilt. I decide to raise my bets to €5 per spin and set a lowest limit for my bank roll to €350. After a few minutes I hit rock bottom. I went from €396 to €351 without winning a single game. Tilt.

This is when it happens. I lower the stakes back to €1,25 to end at an even €350 and click spin. Believe it or not, I hit one of the big ones winning me €250! Single biggest win so far and the bank roll is now at record level €600. Wow!

I land after a few minutes, hardly believing what just happened. I also realize that if I had not lowered my bet I would have won €1000. Doh.

Nah, I should not complain. I´ll say it again. Almost 40 days of play, starting with €10 and now a bank roll of €600. Anyone have a story that beat that? Email or comment on Facebook, and I´ll tell it here.

Responsible? Well, mostly lucky I would say after my tilt. Still a winner though.


Day 106 - Throne of Egypt

New Year, New Video Slots, and loads of New cash to win! I hope you have had a warm and loving time during the holidays. I had. But back to reality. Mike is back to play some new and exciting casino games at Join in!

Day 105 - Scrooge

Now it is time for something new. I am going to play a Video Slot and review it, even though I have already played it before. The reason is of course since it is Christmas time, and I am running out of Christmas games. The game is called Scrooge.

Day 104 - Santas Wild Ride

As planned, I continue playing the Christmas-inspired games here at Looking through my older posts, I realize that I have played them already, except for the Video Slot, Santas Wild Ride. Let´s try that one!

Day 103 - Deck The Halls

We have entered the month of Christmas! Of course I need to start celebrating this by playing one of our Christmas-inspired Video Slots. Looking around for a moment and decide to play a Video Slot called Deck The Halls.

Peli nro 64 - Cashapillar

Aloitan pelit 160 euron pelikassalla. Burning Desire oli minun tyyppinen peli. Olen tarkastellut peliä nimeltä Cashapillar jo pidemmän aikaa, mutta kaikilla 100 pelilinjalla pelaamiseen tarvitsee vähintään euron panoksen, joten pelikassani ei ole ollut riittävän iso. Nyt kun on kuitenkin aika kokeilla sitä.

Day 102 - Pollen Nation

Ok, on my way to bed, just checking some last stuff on the computer. End up playing one of our Video Slots called Pollen Nation instead of going to sleep. Hmm, not totally responsible, but I won´t be long. I promise.

Day 101 - Lucky Witch

New Video Slot, I have to try that one of course! The game is called Lucky Witch and seems to be inspired by Halloween. It looks good at first glance and I am sure it will meet my expectations. Game on!

Day 100 - Age of Discovery

I have just had a very entertaining 40 minutes of play at one of our Video Slots, Age of Discovery. As you know, I usually write about the game during the session, but this time I got caught up in it. I was just starting the game to take a screen dump for the pics, but ended up playing the whole session.

Day 99 - Avalon

Long time no see, but Mike is back! We have had lots of stuff to do here at, and we are expanding rapidly. We are glad to welcome some more co-workers during November! I promise to be more frequent on the next two Game Of The Day, and I am starting with a Video Slot called Avalon.

Day 98 - Double Joker Power Poker

It has been long since I played something else than a Video Slot, but now it is time. After a quick look around I found a Video Poker game called Double Joker Power Poker. It looks like it has a nice twist in the set up, and I am looking forward to play it. Here we go.