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Day 43 - Munchkins

Another game rolling by in the “Winning Now” list is the video slot Munchkins. I only know it by name, so I feel it is time to try it out. Looks ok at first glance, I don´t know the theme but it seems like it has something to do with eating. We’ll see.

Friday night and I don´t want to spend to much time by the computer, so I´ll try to keep it short. In this game the maximum bet is €1,50 which feels ok after my win yesterday. All 25 lines and max bet it is. I am not going lower than €400, starting with €470.

I am chasing scatters to enter the Free Spins area and as always I am hoping for lots of wilds as well. I´ll stay away from the gamble feature. You all know why.

I win often in Munchkins, but as so many times before the wins are lower than the bet in average. The bank roll is dropping down to €408, but then I hit three scatters. The Free Spins pays well and I bounce up to €456, almost break even.

I play a few more spins and stop when I am at €450 even. I was calculating on a bigger loss today so I am really satisfied with today´s outcome.

Munchkins was ok. Not fantastic, not bad. The theme was a bit meaningless, I think that is why I did not jump up and down from excitement.

Time for a few hours off this Friday night.

Still responsible