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Day 40 - Hellboy

Ahh, nice with a win yesterday. Sometimes you just need to play for a couple of minutes, especially if your gut feeling or your bank roll tells you to. I am leaving Roulette and go back to Video slots today. I feel I am in a winning zone and I am confident of a win today as well. Which Video slot? Hellboy!

This looks like a perfect fit for Mike. 25 pay lines and the maximum bet is €2 (200 coins). I decide to play 100 coins per spin, and all lines included as usual. Free Spins, wilds and scatters is nice, and a gamble button. I’ll be careful with that one.

Winning often but not much, and I also gamble away some of the small wins. Doh. I am now down at €38, but I feel that something big is going to happen. If not, I will stop playing at €30, I don’t want to lose everything in one session. At €33 it happens. Free Spins!

What a Free Spin mode! In Hellboy it is called “Supermode”, and I can only say WOW! The Supermode is triggered randomly so you can only hope to enter there; you never know when it happens. The mode starts with a couple of small wins, but then all of a sudden the Hellboy character jumps in and shoots on one of the symbols, turning it into a fixed “wild”. That helps of course. I start winning more and three spins in a row he jumps in and shoots two more symbols, and I now have three wilds fixed during the last 4 spins.

The money rain wont stop. I turn the sound on, and I really get the real Las Vegas-feel. My last win is rolling for more than a minute and when it stops I have won €287! Unreal come back after the last days losses. Never give up!

With €326 on the bank roll I feel good. Excited. Happy. Surprised. I mean, I made a deposit of €10 over 30 days ago, I have been playing every day and have tried a total of 40 games at A lot of fun for €10, or what would you say?

Hellboy surprised me. When looking at pictures of the game I have always thought that it looked a bit “flat” design wise. But I was wrong. It is actually great designed, less is more sometimes, and when the game is rolling you´ll see that they have managed to make it smooth and attractive.

Hurray for Videoslots, I love them all! (almost)

In the middle of my winning-excitement I decide to stop for today. €326 to play with tomorrow. Blackjack maybe?

Revenge. Comeback. Responsible.