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Day 39 - American Roulette

Ok, roulette it is. After my really bad session with Loaded yesterday, I need to play something else than a video slot. Break the pattern. Turn losing into winning. Browsing through our Roulette games and I decide to play American Roulette. This is a first for me.

Gah, when did they design this one? In 1993? Either it is one of the first online roulettes in history, or it is simply an American design. Sry Americans, but you are not the sharpest when it comes to web design.

In American Roulette there are two zeros, single and double. The wheel is also arranged in another way compared to European or French Roulette. You´ll see.

The minimum bet is €1. I don’t want to risk my whole bank roll playing this game, and I decide to only spin twice and bet on number 14 and the eight numbers around it costing me €9 per spin. €30 left if I lose and a fair chance to win. (I played a few spins on Mega Moolah yesterday and lost €2)

First one lands on number 35. Next to 14, close! I am beginning to hesitate if I really should bet €9 again, and after clicking “rebet” I try to remove a few bets from the board. That was easier said than done. There is no “remove bet” button and it takes me a while to realize that I need to hold the shift-button down while I click on the bet I want to remove or lower. Seem like it is not just the design that is from 1993.

Anyway, I decide to stick with my plan and I re-bet the same amount and numbers. There is not a chance to follow the ball in the roulette wheel, you just need to be patient and wait for the number coming up in the results list. 17! I actually win €36 and end today´s session with €66. Nice!

Short play, well planned and responsible.