Jade Rabbit Studios 

Jade Rabbit Studio is a young company, that was founded and established in early 2018 by a team that is enthusiastic about the online gaming industry with more than 30 years of experience. The team at Jade Rabbit Studio believes that the real recipe for great success is a combination of artists, developers, design as well as experience. With that being said, the creators and developers at Jade Rabbit Studio all have the same aim: to create the best, high-end slots ever to glide their way into the online gaming market! 

In October 2018, Jade Rabbit Studio and GiG have come into agreement that Jade Rabbit will build games directly onto GiG’s Remote Gaming Server! This partnership will in turn enable GiG to release all their games to every market in which GiG is active, as well as to every operator that GiG integrates themselves with. This is a huge benefit for Jade Rabbit Studio and will provide a wonderful opportunity for both partnered companies. 

Ultimately, the way it all began was with two British enthusiasts that met and started getting together after work in their respective jobs which were also within the gaming industry during that time. The founders felt that the slot market become stagnant and lacked innovation which is why they decided to make it their mission to bring the fun and passion back into slot games once again. The founders put a strong focus on developing progressive and refreshing new game concepts!

Game by Jade Rabbit Studio offered on our casino; 

Jade Rabbit Studio Mission and Vision

The mission at Jade Rabbit Studio is to be the gaming industries benchmark by bringing the fun and passion back into slot game design while simultaneously always striving to deliver a premium player experience. 
The vision is to become a leading global design studio with strong localised content, their own distribution channels, and to be well regarded by investors as well as industry players. 
The strategy at Jade Rabbit Studio is to leverage their industry network, attract the best talent out there, localised content, and supply the market through their very own distribution channels. 

Jade Rabbit Studio partnership 

GIG has signed an agreement with Jade Rabbit Studio where they will build games directly on GiG game’s platform! 
Once the collaboration became official, the CPO at Jade Rabbit Studios commented: “We are thrilled to announce this six-game agreement, which is a testament to the capabilities and potential of Jade Rabbit. A partner such as GiG provides a fantastic opportunity for us to work with multiple brands across many markets to develop truly innovative slots and we look forward to our first launch in H1 2019.”
While on the other of the deal, the managing director at GiG Games stated: “We are very happy to announce this partnership at such an early stage with GiG Games. Jade Rabbit is an amazing game studio with tons of experience from mainly the UK market. This partnership allows GiG Games to release more games on an annual basis.”

Jade Rabbit Studio Games 

Light up your life with colour in the first game ever from Jade Rabbit Studio, Black & White, which will transform symbols to the beautiful colour that they are part of a winning line! This game features a total of five reels, three rows and 25 paylines throughout the base game which will expand to 50 paylines in the free spins bonus round. The free spins bonus round also features a special symbol which can award an extra free spin and can also unlock a reel position. In addition to this game feature, there is also a respin bonus feature and a streak feature in Black & White! 
In conjunction with the visuals of Black & White are the charming sound effects which always play during the game, even when the reels are set at a standstill. The background music is delightful with several instruments playing together to create the most perfect soundtrack for this game. When you spin the reels, you’ll hear other sound effects come into play as well!

Jade Rabbit Studio Conclusion

Jade Rabbit Studio is one of the youngest gaming studios in the industry as they were founded in early 2018. They’ve come together with GiG as a partner so that they will produce six games for GiG’s platform directly. The team at Jade Rabbit Studios consists of creators, developers and designers all with the aim of creating the best high-end video slots to ever hit the market. We look forward to seeing what’s more to come from Jade Rabbit Studio! 

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