Golden Hero

Golden Hero was founded in 2017 and is based in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. They work in partnership with ORYX Gaming, a leading turnkey gaming solution provider. Additionally, Golden Hero Group Ltd is a member of the JPJ group whose parent company is JackpotJoy Plc which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

The CEO at Oryx Gaming stated that they are ‘very excited to welcome Golden Hero’s excellent titles onto our platform as we continue to enhance our offering’. On the other hand, the CEO of Golden Hero said that, ‘Through Golden Hero we’re drawing on a long history and vast and deep knowledge of the iGaming industry. With fresh graphics, intuitive gameplay and wins we bring new, fun and an easy slot experience to mobile players’. 

Up until this point, Golden Hero has an excellent game portfolio under their belt which includes multiple innovative product lines of RNG slots! They are all about games made for online gambling on mobile devices with three components always kept in mind: easy, fast and fun. 

The key focus for Golden Hero is to create content for mobile devices that allow easy access for everyone, everywhere. The games are all built on a brand new HTML5 framework and are optimised for flexibility, size and speed. Golden Hero games are compliant and certified in several licensing jurisdictions, so together with Oryx’s modern and stable games platform this allows any type of game mechanic and jackpot solution to be created. 

In addition, Golden Hero offers a Partner Program that enables third party content providers to leverage existing frameworks and operator networks, allowing them to focus on game development and growth as well as less on technical details and compliance. 

Games by Golden Hero offered on our casino 

We are starting off with the addition of this game from Golden Hero at our casino. Enjoy! 

Wild Dragon

Imperial Colours

Battle Dwarf

Golden Dream

Reel Bonanza

Golden Hero Mission

The mission at Golden Hero is to always focus the most on how good their games are rather than how many games they have available at any given time. 

What Golden Hero offers

It’s apparent that Golden Hero focuses on quality over quantity as well as what they think is needed in the iGaming industry. The primary aspects of gaming and slots that they concentrate on are on high-quality HTML5 slots and mobile first.  

High-Quality HTML5 Slots

Golden Hero’s full portfolio consists of HTML5 online slots which allows them to share their games across an assortment of platforms in a way that ‘plays well with others’ so that their games can be easily integrated into existing software platforms and casino software suites. 

This is also ideal from a strategic as well as a business standpoint because it makes it a lot easier for Golden Hero to obtain content distribution deals that will get their names in front of more players. 

Mobile Focused

Golden Hero is ahead of the game and know what’s best for them in the iGaming realm. They know that it is critical for slot providers to have strong mobile accessibility in the modern age. Since they are aware of the market and the needs of the players, they plan ahead by making all of their games compatible with a wide range of different types of smartphones as well as tablets. 

Golden Hero’s Key to Success 

They focus on quality rather than quantity, working towards designing and creating top quality games that are all unique and unlike one another! They focus on making sure that their games are not the same games with a different title and graphics, instead, they work hard to make each and every game they create one of a kind. 

Golden Hero Games

Instead of trying to go into competition with the rest of the industry in the number of games that they offer at Golden Hero, they are putting their focus on producing quality, top-notch titles mostly in the slots sector. 

The way that they approach this focus is through several different angles. First and foremost, they prioritise the visual elements of the games as the most important! However, the team at Golden Hero still ensures that there is a variety of diverse feature concepts to choose from as well as different gameplay styles so that their games don’t all feel like copies of one another with different graphics. This approach has worked very well for Golden Hero!

For instance, their games Jewel Race, Golden Wheel and Mystery Box are all different from one another with different themes, distinct graphics and different feature set ups which is significant and desirable in such an overly saturated market.

Golden Hero Conclusion

Golden Hero is a games developer that’s been in operation since 2017 and focuses on online slots that are made with only the utmost quality so that players are never bored with the games that they create and launch to the public. They see the online gaming world differently than most do and so with that being said, they work extremely hard in order to ensure that they push forward games that give players the best of the best ensuring they can enjoy to the absolute fullest

Due to the high-quality of their games, and their HTML5 format allowing them to share their games across multiple kinds of platforms, they have what it takes to make it long term in the gaming world especially if they keep doing what they have been doing thus far! 

We are ecstatic to see the variety of online slots from Golden Hero to come in the near and far future. 

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