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Spiel Moby Dick online: Unsere Slot-Rezension folgt unten welcomes you to Moby Dick, the legendary tale about whalers and their quest to find the great big white whale.

The theme is based around the famous novel “Moby Dick”, or “The Whale”. It goes on to tell a story about a whale hunter obsessed about killing the large white whale that wrecked his ship on his previous quest at the sea. Moby Dick is the name of the whale, and of course it gives the name for this slot. The slot is an adventure that takes us right through the stormy sea in hunt for the legendary great white whale. The stormy sea is clearly visible behind the reels. The reels are on a wooden frame, which is also the background material used for the game’s buttons. The reels are separated by ropes, and on each reel one you will see three symbols. 

Moby Dick is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine. It features “sticky wilds” that stay for two extra rounds, stacked wilds and premium symbols, and a free spins bonus feature where all the wilds stay until the end of the bonus game. The game is always played with all 20 paylines active. 

The symbols of the game include a compass, a map, a barrel, an anchor, a board book, a harpoon, a hook, a monocular and two human whalers. The special symbols include Wild as a red flag with Wild title, and Scatter that is of course the great big white whale, Moby Dick. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the Moby Dick bonus game symbol. When the wild symbol stops somewhere on the reels, it will stay there for two more rounds. There are three kinds of Wild symbols; the intact Wild flag, the Wild flag from the previous round which looks worn out, and the Wild symbol from two rounds ago, which will disappear after the round and looks even more worn. Old wilds are discarded if you increase your bet. Once you got the three (or more) Moby Dick symbols on the reels, the bonus game will start.

Bonus game consists of a number of free spins on special reels. Any wilds that stop on game area stick around for the rest of the bonus game. Moby Dick symbols are replaced by additional wilds during the bonus game. You can easily see when you are playing the bonus game since the graphics are switched to a darker set. While playing, you can always see how many free spins you have left. Free games are played at the same wager as regular games. Wilds will reset when the bonus game starts!

Playing the slot is easy because of the skilful design of the interface. Start by selecting favoured bet size by pressing – and + buttons next to “BETSIZE” display, and then press the spin button to begin. Pressing the spin button while the reels are spinning stops the reels right away. To use autoplay, select a desired number of rounds by pressing – and + buttons next to “AUTOPLAY” display, and then press the spin button. You can interrupt autoplay at any time by pressing the square that is in place of the spin button during the autoplay. While playing, you can always see how many autoplay spins you have left. wishes you the best of luck!