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Cash Bug Introduction

Cash Bug from Inspired is an eccentric slot with some adorable as well as some not so pleasant creatures that will splat onto your windshield offering a unique layout to a not so traditional structured slot. Seven bugs will fly at the screen and four or more matching bugs will reveal players with a prize. If the bugs flying towards the windshield, remain alive, this is when it is most beneficial for players. The player or driver doesn’t need to worry about cleaning the windshield and can enjoy the winnings instead! So, go for a ride and try to save the bugs from smashing onto the windshield! It’s always sad to witness an insect’s life come to a sudden stop while your making your way on the open road, isn’t it? So, try your best and save these insects lives while landing some bountiful wins.  

Cash Bug Game Features

Cash Bug features a creepy, yellow, fuzzy bat, a familiar and adorable red ladybug, a bee with two front bucked teeth, a purple and blue blood sucking mosquito as well as an interesting pink insect with what looks like a dolphin’s tail coming out of its forehead. This is quite a quirky and distinctive group of characters. 

Cash Bug Free Spins and bonuses

There’s a random chance that a four of a kind win can upgrade to a five of a kind win and that the five of a kind win can upgrade to a six or even a seven of a kind win, triggering the special feature of this game which is called the Bug Boost. Once triggering the Bug Boost, the scene will change to overnight with the same bugs smashing in the front of the screen.   

Bug Boost 

During the Bug Boost bonus, a bug will reveal one of three options. Either a cash value that is added to the winnings meter, a multiplier that is added to the multiplier that is added to the multiplier meter which will then multiply the total winnings at the end of the bug boost bonus or lastly, a splat which will stop any more awards being revealed from the splatted bug.  

Once all the bugs have been splatted, the cash values and multipliers are combined to reveal the total win and the bonus will come to a stop bringing you back to the base game.  

Cash Bug Payouts

The way to victory in Cash Bug is when your windshield has at least four of the same bugs on it. Sometimes the odds can include a multiplier which will multiply your payout. These bugs are usually quite happy, because instead of becoming a dismantled bug on your windshield, they can bring you a victory while remaining in one full piece!  

The smallest winnings are given by the pink sucker bug, followed by the purple and blue blood sucking mosquito. When the ladybug flies in front of the windshield, you’ll get the best winnings in the game. The yellow, fuzzy bat can lead to a bonus game as long as at least six of them fly in the vicinity of the windshield space. In this case, there will be additional winnings and odds that can also increase in your favour. 

Cash Bug Graphics and Sound

While on a nice, leisurely drive with a view out of a large windshield looking out at the bright, blue sky this slot has a lot of offer in terms of animations and graphics, with a true refreshing twist to it all. When playing in the base game, you’ll have the blue sky in the background with maybe a few white clouds passing by. The insects that land on your windshield will either land with ease and stay in one piece with sun shine beaming out of these insects. However, if your insects don’t match, they will completely splat and become disfigured with only certain aspects of them visible.   

When you are in the Bug Boost feature, the background changes to night time and that’s when the background will turn to a deep purple with stars shining and the moon in the top right corner.  

Cash Bug Conclusion

Cash Bug from Inspired definitely takes you on an interesting and thrilling ride on the open road. The goal is to not smash as many bugs on the windshield as possible by hoping and wishing they stay out of the window glass and fly in front of it. Six of the same bugs will open the road to a bonus game bringing you to night time where you’ll increase your winnings as you cruise under the moonlight. The magnitude of the winnings is determined by the bump of a bug, which reveals the maximum winning. 

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About the Provider

Inspired is a games technology company that specialises in supplying virtual sports, mobile gaming, and server-based gaming systems and digital content to lottery, betting, and gaming operators all over the globe.  The company was founded in 2002 with a small team of no more than 10 people in London. By 2006, Inspired became the UK leader for Server Based Gaming terminals and Virtual Sports Betting, acquiring contracts in Italy and China. In 2015, they hit another major milestone when they signed their major 15 years exclusive sports star brand license with the legendary Mike Tyson.  

Now, they operate over 25,000 gaming terminals all over the world and their team has grown to a massive 800 employees. Their team supplies their Virtual Sports products in more than 35,000 venues and on more than 100 websites in 35 different countries. That’s a truly impressive global presence and shows how far they’ve come since they started out back in 2002.  

Besides virtual sports, their talented team also produce online slot machines, distributed through the Virgo Gaming Server, where they deliver HTML5 games for several operators. Their passion for sports shows through this collection as well, with slots like 20p Shot and World Cup. However, they also experiment with totally different, unrelated themes, with unique games like I Love Kittens, Henry VIII, and Da Vinci.

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