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Cayetano Gaming

A company that knows what its like to grow rapidly, successfully, and widely, is Cayetano Gaming. We currently offer 1 game from this supplier, which is an absolute honour. This game supplier and creator is one of the leading in the industry, providing online casino software and games, owned by one of the biggest bookmaking companies in the world. 

We will get more into Cayetano Gaming now – a company with a rapid, fascinating story. 

Top 10 games we currently offer by Cayetano Gaming;

The Great Wild 

Fruit Stack Deluxe 

Wild Sheriff 

Wild Egypt 

Diamond Rush 

Golden Kingdom 

Money Tower 

Trick O Treat 

Dark Jungle 

Mississippi Queen 

What is Cayetano all about?

Cayetano Gaming has its headquarters in the beautiful capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, supplying its loyal players with games of innovative content and modern criteria’s. Let´s find out more about the success story of Cayetano!

You can say that the story of Cayetano started back in 2011, at least the first big deal came along to boost the company up a bit. During this year, the company was acquired by one of the biggest companies in the industry, when it comes to online betting games – and this gave the company a lot more visibility and players started to notice and come back. 

The following year, the company really started to grow more and more rapidly, surely thanks to the acquiring. The company then had 50 employees, and all were part of the very first releases – which was launched in a group of 3 online games. The team worked hard and tirelessly to bring these out to the markets, and it soon led the company to grow its portfolio of 25 games in mid-2013 and upped its game to grow the portfolio of up to 50 games in 2014. This was a great boost for the company and the recognition of it – and it gave them a real big start. 

The big rise in success

Later in 2015, Cayetano Gaming also launched its very first game on the so-called FOB Terminal. But what is this then? 

A FOB Terminal is the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, a type of electronic Slot machine which is normally found in betting shops in the UK. These terminals allow players to bet on the outcome of various games and events with fixed odds. The games included in the terminal are bingo, simulated horse-racing, and a wide range of Slot games. This makes sure games can be played online for different stakes, higher percentages, and larger jackpots, and most of all being offered directly in mobile, on a tablet, or via computer. 

This was something very important to Cayetano Gaming, and they later released a total of 10 games via the FOB Terminal in the coming few years. 

The same year, Cayetano Gaming reached a huge and impressive new goal – where the launch of the companies 100th game was released! The portfolio has grown fast, which is surely part of why players and operators are all out to cooperate and play – all waiting for new releases. 

One of the real successes for Cayetano was in the beginning of 2016 when the game Easter Money was launched. This became a great success and became the Best Launch record holder and landed the top 3 games on the site where the games are offered (the acquiring company). Players loved it, and there is no wonder why. 

This was also the year where all games became available in HTML5, which upped the quality and standards of the games, it was also the year of the 10th FOB Terminal release as mentioned before.

The team behind the success

The main core of the team is the Chief Delivery Officer, the Chief Production Officer, the Finance Manager, and the HR Manager. Some have been with the company since its very beginning, and all of them are experienced and knowledgeable in the industry – which is a great advantage.

The online games

When it comes to the online games offered by Cayetano Gaming, there are basically 2 categories – divided into Slot Games and Table Games. The Table Games consist of games from Blackjack, to Roulette, and Jacks or Better – but the most popular ones being the Slots. 

Something in common for all online Slots from Cayetano is that all are made with different themes, innovative features, impressive graphics, and alluring designs. The themes and inspirations all shift from holiday-themed, to bull-fighting, Egypt, classic fruits, dragons, and more. 

The game currently offered at is Fruit Stack Deluxe Video Slot – check it out now!

While you do that, we will await the next release – and hope for it to come soon! Cayetano is one of the newest in the industry, and it is surely a company to keep an extra lookout for!

You can read more about Cayetano Gaming right here!