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Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo presented at is a Bingo slot where you can pick up to ten balls per game. It is a slot that consists of balls being drawn randomly. Super Bonus Bingo is played on a large board displaying the numbers 1 to 80. In a hidden basket are balls also numbered 1 to 80, and twenty balls are drawn at random when the game is started. The option to receive two further bonus balls at the cost of additional credits is made available at the end of a game, provided specific conditions are met.

The goal is to accumulate as many hits as possible on the active Payout Schedule. You can bet on a minimum of two balls up to a maximum of ten balls in Super Bonus Bingo. At the end of the initial twenty ball draw, you are given the chance to play the bonus game with the same amount of credits you initially bet on the main game, if you receive enough hits to place you in a position marked in white on your corresponding Payout Schedule.

The Super Bonus Bingo is well worth a session. You will have exciting choices to make and to maximize your winnings. Good luck!