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Rainbow Wilds introduction

One of the most common folklore and myths is the one that at the end of every rainbow, is a leprechaun hiding a pot of gold away. The folklore originates in a story of when the Vikings were lived in Ireland, plundering and looting away as they pleased. It was said they buried the treasures all over the countryside, and when they left, some of them were left behind. And leprechauns knew how the Vikings got a hold of these treasures, with violence and greediness, which made them not trust a soul in the world. these leprechauns then devoted life to not let humans take their gold – and they were said to have buried it again, deep under over the entire island. When rainbows then appear, they are said to end at the spot where the gold is buried. 

This is how the Emerald Island came to be what it is today, with leprechauns being a key role in the history and tales of the island. It is also an immensely popular theme in especially Video Slot, but we can assure you that one like this has not been seen before. We proudly present; Rainbow Wilds from Iron Dog Studio

Rainbow Wilds features

The symbols of the game are definitely something else, offering vibrant and vivid such, flawlessly made to suit the theme of the game. the lower valued symbols are made as fruits, the dewberries, lingonberries, gooseberries, cloudberries, and blue olallieberry. The medium valued symbols are then more representative of Ireland, with the pint of beer, the harp, and the red heart with two hands and a crown. The higher valued symbols are all made I crust gold, being the little hummingbird, the lucky horseshoe, and the lucky clover. 

But above all these basic symbols, there are a few extra ones to bring in some higher wins and fun features. We will reveal all of these right below. 

Rainbow Wilds free spins and bonuses

The main feature of the game is triggered by the pergament with lucky clovers on them, also called Tumbles. You can reach the Free Spins Feature by having multiple successive tumbles. The base Free Spins Feature contains 14 Free Spins with no Multipliers to start with. For each additional, successive win after 4, you will gain extra Free Spins or multipliers and you can go up to a maximum of 20 Free Spins and 6 starting multiplier. These are as followed:

  • 5 successive tumble wins triggers 16 Free Spins
  • 4 successive tumble wins triggers 14 Free Spins
  • 6 successive tumble wins triggers 16 Free Spins + 3x starting multipliers

But there is something that makes the feature a bit more special – as each tumble increments the multiplier by 1. The multiplier applies to the current spin win. There is no Sticky Wild or Expanding Wild inside the Free Spins Feature. This is what happens then:

  • 7 successive tumble wins triggers 20 Free Spins + 3x starting multipliers
  • 8 successive tumble wins triggers 20 Free Spins + 6x starting multipliers

These are the other features offered. 

Free tumbles: 

Whenever a Win Way pays out the symbols are destroyed and all remaining symbols tumble down. All destroyed symbols are then replaced with symbols from higher up on the reels with a higher chance of extra Wild Stars appearing. 

If the new symbols also form a Win Way they will also pay out and more symbols will then tumble in to replace them, and this will continue until no more Win Ways can be made. 

Expanding Wild: the Expanding Wild can appear randomly on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. These will substitute for all symbols and can appear on multiple reels at the same time. 

Sticky Wild: the Sticky Wild will only appear on reel 3 and will not disappear when it is part of a winning combination. It will tumble down if symbols below disappear, otherwise, it works like a Wild Star. 

Wild Stars: these appear on the reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 – these simultaneously counts as a non-Wild Symbol. These often appear in the tumbles. 

Rainbow Wilds payouts

Rainbow Wilds is a Video Slot played with 5 reels over 4 rows, and additional 1024 ways-to-win. You will play on a fixed 50 coins per spin and you can choose to change the bet on the control panel. 

Rainbow Wilds graphics and music

Rainbow Wilds takes you on a divine journey to the rolling, green hills of Emerald Isle and the mythical little leprechauns. You can see the distant hills in the backdrop, where the sun is shining clearly and the leprechauns are guarding. You can see these two cheeky little fellas standing on each side of the reels, one sitting on the gold treasure he is guarding, the other watching your every move. 

The reels are placed in front of this, with a clear blue background to make the colours and animations pop even more. The gold frame is in flawless details and suits the game perfectly. Iron Dog Studio has truly exceeded themselves in this game and made a vibrant and thrilling game out of this otherwise quite bland theme. It is simply fantastic!

About Iron Dog Studio 

To tell you about Iron Dog Studios, we have to go back and look at one of the more experienced suppliers in the industry, and what led them to the position the company is in today. It all starts with 1x2 Gaming, which you surely heard of at some point, at least if you are a gambler. Let´s get right into it!

So, as mentioned, it all starts with 1x2 Gaming. A known supplier that made a big decision to restructure its own ways. Recently it changed its entire structure by rebranding to 1x2 NETWORK, and with that came numerous new possibilities and news for players. With this restructure the network gained a sister company, the exciting division by the name of Iron Dog Studios!

There, a vibrant new game supplier took form and life right before our eyes – and it is a mighty force to reckon with. is truly proud to take part in the success story of Iron Dog Studios, and we are thrilled to watch it happen. We strongly recommend you check out the portfolio right now – trying these games will impress you to the core.

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Best of luck to you!