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Pyramid Bonus Poker

Pyramid Bonus Poker is a fun and exciting video poker game where you have the chance to win 3 times with one single hand thanks to this being a pyramid video poker game. So welcome to Pyramid Bonus Poker.

Video poker is a classic casino game and is loved by many casino players around the world. But in Pyramid Bonus Poker you can win 3 times with one single hand and that just makes this so much more exciting than many other games.

You start off with deciding how many coins you want to play with each round and how much each coin will be worth. The more coins you bet and the higher value of the coins you set, the more you can win of course.

Then you will be dealt 5 cards and you now have to decide which cards you want to keep and which cards you want to fold and have replaced with new cards. If you already have a hand that you are happy with you don’t have to fold any card, just click on hold for each of the cards you want to keep. The cards you dont want to keep will be folded and you will get as many new cards as you folded. After this it is decided if you win or not according to the 3 score boards.

And it is thanks to the 3 score boards that you can win up to 3 times with one single hand. The score boards refer to different cards of your hand. For example the left score board refer to the 3 leftmost cards, the right score board refer to the 3 rightmost cards and the middle score board refer to all 5 cards. This means that if your 3 leftmost cards make a hand and also your 3 rightmost cards make a wimming hand according to the score boards you will be paid for each one. And if you manage to get a winning hand from each score board you will be paid for each one of them.

After each hand you win you can also double up your money if you want. All you have to do is pick a higher card than the dealer.