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Pots O Luck

Pots O’ Luck Introduction

Have you ever wondered what's hiding at the end of the rainbow? Join and game provider Leander Games to this trip to the emerald green island where we aim to solve the mystery! In the Pots o’ Luck Video Slot, the clover and pots land on the reels filled with gold as a brief look into what this Irish trip could give you.

You may have seen the Irish lucky feast with rainbows in other video slots, but Leander Games have been thinking hard about creating a truly special game. There are no spinning reels or winning paylines but instead there’s a grid pattern that is successfully filled with new symbols. Read on if you want to know more about Pots o’ Luck Video Slot, its layout and what payouts you can expect.

Pots O’ Luck Game Features

As soon as you enter the Pots o’ Luck Video Slot you will be greeted by green meadows, rainbows and a blank grid pattern with five lines in each direction. In the lower part of the screen you will see nine symbols of a different value that are also specified directly on the screen. When you start the game, brown stone rows with wine-red stars and the number "1" appear on the grid. You can either click on these one by one to reveal which symbol is hiding behind it, or use the button just below the game interface to uncover all positions at the same time. It is important to have at least three matching icons, which do not have to be on the same line or even connect to each other diagonally.

If three matching symbols are revealed behind the stars, you get the chance to win even more with additional symbols. It may be the same icon you just landed a profit with, or any of the others. The symbols that generated your first win are highlighted on the screen, but the others still appear. A new set of stone blocks is placed in the picture, this time there are seven pieces with turquoise stars and the number "2". Now, you have to get four matching symbols, and if this happens, you will reach the last level of the game where nine new squares will appear in the vacant slots in the grid pattern. Five identical symbols will give you an additional payout before you bag the prize and the grid resets to its original state.

Pots O’ Luck Free Spins and bonuses

Pots o’ Luck is a very different, innovative Video Slot where Leander have set aside the traditional features of games with reels and paylines. There are no Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters or Bonus games here, but the excitement lies in the innovative game mode and the great winning potential you have in front of you.

Pots O’ Luck Payouts

The winnings you receive depend on the individual value of the symbols in the payout table, and partly on the bet you chose to add before you clear the rows. In the first round you will need three matching icons, in the second level you will need four matches to score a win and in the third and last level there are five identical symbols on the reels that will earn you additional wins. The highest payout comes from the symbol of a giant golden jar filled with coins.

Pots O’ Luck Graphics and Sound

The layout of the Pots o’ Luck Video Slot is anything but ordinary, but the glorious symbols on the playing field are a familiar and very popular feature. The design is colourful amid the dreamy view of a green meadow behind the grid pattern. Nice four-leaf clover looks behind the boxes and embraces the playing field, and a subtle rainbow fills the sky. Rainbows are one of our most fascinating meteorological phenomena, and it is no wonder that this luminous object gave rise to endless myths! 

Pots O’ Luck Conclusion

As you will see from the first attempts at playing it, Pots o’ Luck is anything but a regular Slot. Instead of traditional reels and winning lines, you'll play with the four-leaf clover, the rainbow and some Irish luck to land profits on a grid pattern. In three steps you collect the benefits and you can easily see the payout table and the values of the symbols directly on the screens. A big good luck with this game from Leander Games!

About the Provider

Leander Games was founded in June 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in this short period of time Leander Games were able to build an appealing and innovative game library that attracted the attention of most of the largest platforms in the industry. They have since their start providing them with their products, and they are much appreciated for this. 

Some games are successful because of their art, their behaviour, or their concepts. But Leander Games is defining a company of its own style by creating a hard to find a balance like no others offer: they give their players the pleasure of great graphics, excellent animations, exciting and well-calculated mathematics, and hyper-attractive concepts. 

Leander Games background is quite diverse but they all share a common passion and goal: Creating the best performing games in the industry. 

Leander Games has recently joined forces with other game providers to spread hundreds of games across the world together. This cooperation will surely grant all players with tremendous, new, and fresh experiences.