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Potion Factory

Potion Factory introductions

One of the busiest Video Slots seen, set inside a prestigious potion factory where little robot minions rule the life of the industry. It is a vibrant and fun looking games with tonnes of animations, symbols, rewarding features, and an amusing gameplay. With nudges, fun characters to grant you some wild wins, and a lot more – this is surely an amazing release. 

We proudly present; Potion Factory from Leander Games!

Potion Factory Features

Potion Factory grants you a shear deal of Features, including symbols that can trigger a Wild Symbol, a Bonus Game, as well as Free Spins. These can all be triggered by various symbols, with the glimmering potions as a Wild, the three ruling minions for the same, and the wooden tiny house as a Bonus Symbol. It is time to find out just how you can trigger these, and what they can grant you!

Potion Factory Free Spins & Bonus

Multilevel Free Spins Bonus with Sticky Wild Potion

The main Feature of Potion Factory is one triggered by levels, and the higher the level you reach, the better the Features gets. When three Bonus Symbols land on reel 1, 3, and 5 – you trigger the “Multigame and Multilevel” Bonus. 

When this is triggered, you will get to spin a wheel to then go on to the Free Spins Feature, the “X Formula Bonus”, or be awarded an Instant Win. Any of the three alternatives mentioned now can come with an opportunity to advance to the next level or an end to the Bonus. The Bonus wins are Multiplied by the total bet minus The Nudge bet (if you decide to use the Nudge). 

As mentioned, the Free Spins Feature is one of the three awards you can trigger. When you reach levels, you win some Free Spins, and they are as followed: 

Level 1: win from 5 to 8 Free Spins

Level 2: win from 8 to 11 Free Spins

Level 3: win from 12 to 15 Free Spins

During these Free Spins, the Sticky Wild Potion appears on the reels and stays locked in place for the remaining of the spins. The Sticky Wild is the colourful potion Wild Symbol, and it will be there to substitute for all basic symbols of the game. 

The X Formula Multilevel Bonus

The Bonus Game that can be triggered is one of a mini game. You are transported to another screen where the biggest of the rulers are in the middle of the room, surrounded by potions on pillars, and a meter displaying your Bonus progress. 

Your goal here is to try to find the correct ingredient among the potions to then complete the X Formula. If you then select the incorrect ingredients, weird things will start happening to the minions and you will be wasting parts of the formula – which can decrease the price. The right choice will instead make the minion stronger and will then grant a Bonus price. 

Apart from these grand features, you can also take pleasure in potential wins with the help of the Extended Wild – which is a Wild of the three minions, and it can step onto the reels to cover multiple symbol positions up. 

Potion Factory Payout

Potion Factory Video Slot is a game played with 5 reels on 4 rows and additional 40 paylines. these paylines are fixed, so the only setting you need to make when it comes to the bet is the Line Bet – and you can choose line bets between 0.01 and 1. 

The game also has an option to choose to play with or without the Nudge Bet – which when activated, grants you two highlighted reels that can grant you even higher wins. You can read all about this in the game rules. 

The symbols of the game are not only for Features, the basic symbols of the game are there to grant you some nice wins too. They are all worth differently and also depending on your bet levels. The symbols all range from potions of various colours and shapes to the three minions and the game logo. They are all worth between 50 and 500 for landing five of a kind.

Potion Factory graphics and sounds

Potion Factory Video Slot is a busy game with a lot going on in the details of it. The game is set underground, in the land of the poisonous minions – where potions, cans, and a reel set built from potion holders are set up to frame the transparent reels. The game is colourful, vibrant, and a great deal of fun – and you will surely enjoy the game tremendously. 

About the provider

Leander Games was founded in June 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in this short period of time Leander Games were able to build an appealing and innovative game library that attracted the attention of most of the largest platforms in the industry. They have since their start provided them with their products, and they are much appreciated for this. 

Some games are successful because of their art, their behaviour, or their concepts. But Leander Games is defining a company of its own style by creating a hard to find a balance like no others offer: they give their players the pleasure of great graphics, excellent animations, exciting and well-calculated mathematics, and hyper-attractive concepts.

Leander Games background is quite diverse but they all share a common passion and goal: Creating the best performing games in the industry.

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Good luck!