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Pirate Empress

Pirate Empress Introduction

Calling all landlubbers! Grab your cutlass and dust off your bandana as the Pirate Empress welcomes you to an oriental marauding mutiny across the seas. Industry wizards Skywind have joined forces to combine two popular slot themes, all things Asian and all things pirate to form the fearless love child that is the Pirate Empress. 

The slot uses a standard 5x3 reel setup with 243 paylines that hold some powerful bonus features. Bets kick off at € 0.5 per spin, up to a maximum of € 250. 

Pirate Empress Game Features

Aside of the lowest lines, you can readily pick up a prize for any play line that ends in the lucky number 8. The minimum prize you can expect would be 5x your initial coin bet for any combination of triple 9s or 10s. After this the Empress’s payout range can offer up anything from 8x your coin bet up to substantial 888x!

Pirate Empress Free Spins and Bonuses

While the gameplay may not seem anything out of the ordinary at first, triggering the slots bonus round changes the feel of the game altogether. Six bonus features are up for the taking, which allow you the select the level of risk suited to you. 

Madam Cheng is the key bonus to keep a sharp eye out for and landing on three or more junk symbols will activate this bonus feature as well as free spins. After this feature is activated, you can pick one of the six bonus options, not to mention an elusive mystery choice! 

  • 8 free spins with up to 38x multipliers
  • 13 free spins with up to 18x multipliers
  • 28 free spins with up to 5x multipliers
  • 18 free spins with up to 8x multipliers
  • 5 free spins with up to 88x multipliers 

If you land on a Junk scatter, you can loot the Empress for the top bounty of 888x your coin bet for five of a kind.

Pirate Empress Payouts

The standard setup of this slot doesn’t have any additional features other than the elusive pirate Madam Cheng who has the power to bump up your real cash prizes. The game really changes all its form once you hit a bonus feature! 

The variety is exiting and you will be intrigued to have a go at them all. It’s a great idea to play the free version of the game to see what suits you best first in terms of volatility to play at, and get a feel for the slot. There’s great variety of ways to win, be thanks to a generous multipliers or free spins.

Pirate Empress Graphics and Sound

There’s no denying it, the audio is a touch repetitive as a hotchpotch of an Asian drums combined with a gong. One would have hoped for something a little more exotic from the Skywind and Playtech affiliates. By the tip of a dagger, positively the visuals are a tad more appealing with clear and creative symbols.

Pirate Empress Conclusion

Pirate Empress slot doesn’t reinvent the pirate ship, but it does offer a whole host of fun and varied ways to win which makes it well worth to loot!

About the Provider

Skywind Group is an entertainment technology solution provider whose services cover everything from mobile to desktop, both online and offline. Established in 2012 by Teddy Sagi, Skywind has grown along with its partners and customers by supplying them with the technology and distribution means that have led to their growth and success. They have an exclusive distribution partnership with Playtech, one of the most successful operators in the business. Skywind itself might not be the most well-known name in the industry, but that’s mainly because most of their games run on Playtech software, so you won’t see their name on each and every game. 

Skywind has produced an impressive variety of slot machines with over 30 different titles, with different themes and playing experiences to suit all tastes. What their games have in common are, without a doubt, the detailed graphics, creative design, and innovative features to keep things interesting for the player. Most of their video slots follow the 5-reel format but occasionally they change things round and do something completely different. For example, arcade games like Fu Fish involve skill and decision-making on the part of the player, making games like these very interactive and also radically different to what video slot players are used to. 

Besides creating some very popular slot machines, they’ve also made a name for themselves as one of the most trusted and valuable partners in the gaming industry, thanks to their ability to supply clients with a wide variety of specialised software and distribution solutions. 

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