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Out of This World

Out Of This World introduction

Egypt and a cosmic adventure are both many players´ favourite themes when it comes to Video Slots – but what if we told you that you can have them both – in just one game! 

Many discuss whether aliens actually exist or not. Scientifically we have not found any true proof, no signs of life in outer space. But there has been leads which people base their own evidence on. One of these evidence arose when it was released that Pentagon had spent five years investigating “unexplained aerial phenomena” where it stated that aliens had actually, and still, visited earth. It might be a well-hidden secret – or a myth. 

What we can rest assure of is that Egypt is real – Pharaoh, the pyramids, golden tombs and more. All of these are historical facts and persons, proved to exist. Egypt is one of the biggest fascinations in the world – but even that is filled with theories and myths. For example, how many theories there are of how men hand-made the huge pyramids can be discussed, but the truth is, that no one knows how they did it for sure. 

Today is the day to find it out – in a grand Video Slot with both mysteries intertwined. We are proud to present the alien-egypt inspired game; Out of this World by Live 5 Gaming! 

Out Of This World features

This is a game inspired by both Egypt and alien life in cosmic style, which becomes clear when seeing the symbols. The lower valued symbols are the card suit symbols, which are clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. The higher valued symbols are then the blue scarab, the full-moon, the pyramid, the orbit planet, as well as the impressive sphinx. These are all worth quite well, but all depends on the bet you choose to place in the game. 

There is also an extra special symbol in the game, which is the portal symbol – and this can award you greatly. We will reveal more about this shortly. 

Out Of This World free spins and bonuses

The main (and only) feature in Out Of This World Video Slot is the Portal Bonus. The symbol is of just that, the golden big portal leading you to aliens know where. If this symbol lands on the middle reel, the portal will open up and one of three events will then occur:

Bonus: the middle three reels will be sucked in and replaced with one symbol, which guarantees at least 20x3 of a kind wins. 

Massive Bonus: occasionally during the portal Bonus, the characters will modify the outcomes to return a full window of 1 symbol. This guarantees a 20x5 of a kind win. 

Free Spins Bonus: at times, the portal can award a so-called Streak. You need to keep watching the skies at that time, as it will turn red and then award you 3 portal bonuses in succession. 

This might be the only feature of the game – but an extra is the fact that the symbols occasionally will modify the reels to bring in bigger wins.

Out Of This World payouts

Out Of This World is a Video Slot played with 5 reels over 3 rows. It also comes with 20 paylines, where symbols pay on adjacent reels. The game has a minimum bet of €0.20 and goes up to a maximum of €400! So as you can see, there is quite a big betting range that will suit a hi-roller as well as a lo-roller. 

Out Of This World graphics and music

Out Of This World is a game inspired by two of the most popular themes in the online Video Slot portfolio – Egypt and alien life. This is very clear in the game, as you can see elements of both all throughout the gameplay. 

The reels are placed inside the front of the spaceship which is close to its landing on the moon. You can see it hovering, with neon lights to make it pop, and an alien pharaoh standing next to the reels, watching over the landing. On the moon, there are neon pyramids standing tall, and in the atmosphere you can see all planets in the far off. The Egyptian theme is implemented with the help of pharaohs, snakes, scripts, scarabs and more – while you clearly see the cosmic themes in the colour scheme of the game, on the neon details, and, of course, in the space there is taking over the atmosphere. 

About Live 5 Gaming

When it comes to independent designers and creating of digital gaming content, High 5 Gaming is one of the best in the UK. With its team of experienced individuals, the company keeps on releasing high-quality games for some of the world’s leading gaming operators. 

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