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Play Mayan Marvels online: Check out our slot review below

Do you feel like you are ready to get into an ancient adventure which includes more excitement than you though was possible in one and the same game? If that is the case, you have found the perfect game for you. Mayan Marvels is a video slot that includes everything that every slot lover expect to find in a really awesome game! 

This game is brought to you from us here at together with one of our most amazing game providers Nektan. We are truly honoured to get the chance to launch games from Nektan since all of their games has everything that we are looking for. Each and single of their games has imaginative themes, bright colours, razor sharp graphics and winnings that are beyond the usual. As soon as you enter Mayan Marvels, you will realize that this game is not an exception.

This game has 5 reels, 3 rows and you can have as many as 15 available paylines active for each and single bet. What you always should thinking about when playing video slots are that the more paylines that you have active, the higher is the chance that you will receive a lot of fantastic winnings. You have probably heard myths and legends about the Mayan Indians and about their gods. With some luck you will have Ek Chuah on your side while playing. Ek Chuah was the god of business in the believes of Mayans and maybe his powers are just what you need while playing Mayan Marvels.

The symbols in Mayan Marvels are old and beautiful stone pictures with a valuable and sparkling jems on each and one of them. Each jem has different values and together they will provide you with winnings that even the Mayan Gods will drop their jaws by surprise from. You will also see some symbols form the traditional deck of cards and also a symbol with a golden God face on it and the word Wild written on it. This is the Wild symbol in this game. The wild symbol gives you a payout for each individual line win. Like this was not enough! You will also see a symbol with a bright green arrow and the word Spins on it. If you land on 3 or more of this amazing symbol anywhere on your wheels, a round with Free Spins will be triggered. This is a truly golden chance for you to receive a lot of breath taking winnings without making a single bet. So keep your eyes open for this golden face of the Mayan God. 

The time has come for you to enter this antic and mystery game to search for the winnings. Just click on the image above to start the adventure. We at are convinced that you have what it takes to figure out the riddle in this game and receive all of the gold that are hidden here. We can assure you that all of the Mayan Gods will be on your side. Good luck!