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Have you ever seen something happening right in front of your eyes but you have no way to explain why or how? If you have not yet experienced this exciting entertainment, here is your chance! Once the dark is covering the saloon and the stage curtains removes you will hold your breath and just wait for the magic that is about to happen. We at are happy introduce a brand new video slot filled with magic.

Magic is brought to you from a new member in our family, Nektan. We are truly honoured to have the opportunity to have Nektan as one of the latest members in our frequently growing family. From the first time when we tried their games, we knew that this definitely is a provider that we wish for our player to get the chance to experience, and now the time is here.

Magic is a totally awesome video slot that will bring a new life to the old traditional video slot playing. You will be playing on 5 wheels, 3 rows and you can have as many as 25 active paylines for each bet. Keep in mind that the more paylines that you have active, the higher is the chance that you will make a lot of magical winnings! 

While playing you will experience a spectacular magic show staged by the magician and his beautiful assistance.  You will be faced with all of the traditional symbols from the world of magic trick. You will see the deck of cards, a coffer with secret items in it and of course you will have to follow the white rabbit with your eyes to see if it just hides or if it actually vanishes from the magic spells. Like this was not enough both the magician and his assistance can help you on the way to all of the winnings that are hidden behind the wheels of the game. You will see a symbol with the magician himself on it. This is the Wild symbol here in Magic. This fantastic symbol will give you payouts for each individual line win. You will also see a symbol with the assistance on it. If you land on 3 or more of this symbol, a round with Free Spins will be triggered. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make a high amount of winnings without making a single bet! So keep your eyes open for this beauty! 

All that you have to do now is to click on the image above to enter this game and let the magician put a spell on you. As soon as you enter the game, you will feel how the air is vibrating with excitement and expectations. We at can assure you that you will not be disappointed with what this game has to offer you. We wish you the best of luck!