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Lucky Darts

Offering the latest games in the industry is one of´s strengths and Lucky Darts Slots is one of the games proving that we are always in the front when it comes to new and popular releases.

Lucky Dart Slots provides a simple and easy to understand paytable and the rules are simple. The game offers the maximum jackpot of 200 coins and the maximum bet is €10. The Paytable show possible winnings for every combination of symbols. All payouts are in coins, and to convert coins to credits multiply the number of coins by the size of the coin.

Lucky Darts Slots offers Bonus Games on the Second Screen and appear as 3 Dart symbols, Active button of Change Game activate Lucky Darts, Club Game. This bonus feature is played on the second screen. Lucky Darts is a Wheel of Fortune- style bonus game where the prize is determined by spinning the wheel.

It also offers Bonus Games on the Reels where the random spin activates feature on the spinning reels. This type of bonus feature is the 'Hold' style or 'Nudge' style. The 'Hold' style feature holds on the next spin while the other reels will be Re-Spinned. The 'Nudge' style feature enables to bump a reel and to display the next symbol.

You can gamble any regular prize in the game. If you land a winning combination a 'Gamble' and a 'Collect' buttons are enabled. Click Gamble to have a chance to increase the prize or 'Collect' if you need to continue spins.

The simplicity of the game and the classic slots feel will give you a true gaming experience.