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Jumanji introduction

“Those who ever played the game knows the danger that lies within”

It might be the most anticipated Video Slot in 2018 – and it is no surprise that it comes from NetEnt, as no other supplier could have done it better. 

In December 1995, a film was released inspired by the 1981 children´s book by Chris Van Allsburg. This was one about Alan and Sarah, two 12-year-old friends, who were playing a magic game and got trapped inside it. 26 years after that event, the siblings Judy and Peter find the game again, starts playing and frees the now adults first players. The magic game releases new events with every roll of the dice, which is key to win the game. with the rolls come swarms of mosquitos, troops of monkeys, roaring lions, fast-growing carnivorous plants, pelicans and more. The bad part is that all of this happens inside the house – turning it into a wild, dangerous jungle. To get out, they have to roll the winning dice. 

Th film was starred by Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, and the beloved and the late, Robin Williams. 

The film was a box office success, earning €263 million around the world. In 2017, a new adaption of the film was released, starring Dwayne Johnson among others – and this grossed a staggering $961 million, being the 41st-highest-grossing film of all time!

We are proud to present this honouring masterpiece by NetEnt in cooperation with Sony Pictures; Jumanji Video Slot!

Jumanji features

Everything about Jumanji is inspired by the feature film, meaning that the symbols are designed according to this as well. As lower valued symbols you have standard card deck symbols, while the high valued ones are the lion, pelican, the crocodile, and the rhino – many of whom play a big part of the features of the game as well. The values of these all depend on the bet you choose to play within the game. The Bonuses and extras will be explained below! 

Jumanji free spins and bonuses

The way to the main Feature of Jumanji is triggered by 3 of the Jumanji board games. When this happens, you are transported to the actual game. You can see the game pathway and steps, with the green crystal ball in the middle, telling you how many rolls you land, but also what dangers are ahead. 

Your first goal is choosing one of the four tokens to play with on the board, and you will then start rolling the two dices. These show how many steps on the board you will take, and every step holds coin wins, multipliers, mystery prizes, extra dice rolls – and then you have the four special prints. The monkey handprints, the leaves, and the hoofs, and all are located in each corner of the screen. 

The bookshelf, the monkeys in the kitchen, the staircase, and the dresser.  

Landing on the prints by the monkeys will award you Free Spins with a monkeys touch. And as it states, “this will not be an easy mission - monkeys slow the expedition.” Throwing plates on the reels and moving symbols around to mess with you  - can surprisingly also award you even more! 

When landing by the bookshelves, the game starts to vibrate – and out bursts a group of stampeding rhinos. Running over the reels, they leave you with a stack of Wild Symbols for big wins!

When by the staircase with the red carpet and chandelier, a lightning will strike and a rain-thunderstorm comes over the board game – creating the monsoon. The crocodiles then jump onto random reels to turn them into Wild Reels. 

The cabinet place can burst open with a sticky vine plant. And, again, as they say “they grow much faster than bamboo. Take care of they´ll come after you”. The vine spreads over and around the symbols on the reels, grabbing a choke-hold on them and holds the symbols in place for even higher wins. 

Jumanji payouts

Jumanji is a Video Slot set up a bit different than most games, offering a reel grid with 18 symbols divided on 5 reels. The outer two reels have 3 rows, the inner two reels have four rows, while the reel in the middle has five rows. 

Jumanji graphics and music

NetEnt has created this Video Slot in cooperation with Sony Pictures, the creators of the 1995 film. It comes as no surprise that the game is absolutely brilliant in all its little details. The graphic and design is described best as flawless. 

The reels are placed in the middle of everything, surrounded by the board game path circling under the reels (from above), with four places of the house in every corner. The kitchen, the staircase, the bookshelf in the living area, and the mysterious cabinet. Details of mosquitos are constantly flying over the reels, the monsoon rains down onto the reels, the way that the entire game board shakes, and all the features are made – all are fantastic – and equally good when playing via mobile! 

The game also comes with a soundtrack as though you are in the actual film – with details of the stampeding rhinos, cracking stone, wings of mosquitos, the sticky vine, and everything else.

Jumanji has been a very anticipated game in 2018, and now that it is here, it has surely been worth the wait. Go in and try Jumanji Video Slot now, at! 

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