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Adventurers, prepare yourself for The Epic Journey to the world beneath! Join Professor Lidenbrock on an unforgettable epic journey to the centre of the earth. Professor Lidenbrock has been able to get his hand on an ancient runic manuscript written by Snorri Sturluson himself, one of the Norwegian kings who ruled over Iceland. While reading the original saga they stumble upon what appears to be a secret code. Professor Lidenbrock becomes so obsessed with the code he locks in his nephew Axel, the maid and Martha in his house. Professor Lidenbrock is not going to open that door until the code has been cracked, so you can easily imagine in which rate the teamwork grew. After two days of deciphering, translating, transposition cipher and no food, the code is cracked!

“Descend, bold traveller, into the crater of the jökull of Snæfell, which the shadow of Scartaris touches (lit: tastes) before the Kalends of July, and you will attain the centre of the earth. I did it. Arne Saknussemm”

Professor Lidenbrock is known for a lot of different qualities, however patience is not one of them. Before even the sun has awoken he has departed from his home in Germany, on his way to The Epic Journey. A very cowardly, reluctant Axel is joining him. Axel is not entertained, but cannot handle his uncle’s persistency. On the long journey Professor Lidenbrock took a Danish eiderdown hunter under his wings. This fearless adventurer named Hans gladly accepts the guide roll, without any earlier experience. When the three arrive to Iceland there’s so much excitement coming from Mr. Lidenbrock and Hans, Axel is sure their eyes are about to pop and jaws break. They instantly get going to the mythical Snæfellsjökull where the entrance to the centre of the earth is according to the ancient runic manuscript. Before they know it, Hans pulls a lever hidden behind a block of stone and off they go. The unbeatable trio falls 20 feet before getting a high five from mother earth. There is no way up. In this epic journey, you will get face to face with all kind of prehistoric creatures, other venturers like yourself, the most beautiful of nature and an undisturbed world!

You’re most welcome to The Epic Journey brought to you by the excellent game provider Quickspin. This fantastic video slot gives you three slots in one with cross over functionality between the reel sets and incredible 100 win lines. The theme of this fantastic game is the epic journey of a few fellows to centre of the earth. The mood of this game is astounding, likewise to the game experience. Try to imagine yourself discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun while watching Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark on your tablet – Simply second to none. Graphics, animations, sounds and everything else in this game will take you away, this may very well be the best game you ever saw. 10/10 in every possible way. There’s plenty of features for everyone up in this badboy, The Epic Journey gives you a total of four different bonuses! All of them triggered by getting three drill symbols, it is then up to you to choose one of four runestones. Firstly, the Safari Free spins. The Safari Free Spin Bonus awards 10 free spins. There are three special Wild symbols in the free spins. Collect three of any to turn that symbol into a Multiplier Wild for the rest of the bonus. Secondly, Mushroom Forest. Here you pick mushrooms for awards, and multiplied winnings. You get 3 initial picks, and some mushrooms reveal extra picks for even greater rewards. The third is your Fossil hunt, you have three spins to collect as many Shovel symbols as possible. More shovels, more bonus money! Last, there’s the cash prize which also will award you richly. There is two different wilds, one of them of in the form of a volcano. Whenever you manage to get two “Wildcanoes” on the screen, things are about erupt. The Wildcanoes will spew out new wild symbols everywhere! Such a magical video slot, makes the scene of the helicopter flight in Jurassic Park seem like a total joke.

With that said, we here at’s casino wishes you the very best and we’ll be praying to the slot gods on your behalf. The best of luck!