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Heroic Introduction

The legend goes that the despicable dragon DRAKMAN dragged away the defiant daughter of the Dwarf King and demanded a dozen of diamonds or her death would be definite. When Dvergg heard that his sister had been kidnapped he swore vengeance and set off to recruit the biggest baddest bunch of dragon destroyers he could find.

Dvergg was standing outside the Dragon Slayers Guild with a bitter expression on his face. Apparently since the new King the dragon slaying business has been unionized and was currently on strike for hotter princesses and more baptismal peasants. Dvergg could still hear the clerks tone as he said “Unfortunately we cannot help you with any dragon related business and would like to remind you that to remove a dragon from a princess without the proper paperwork is a crime punishable by 50 days in the Iron Maiden and a fine up to two hands and a head.”

The great adventure of Dvergg and the mighty kingdom is here, and we are about to fill you in on all the juicy details! We proudly present; Heroic from Nektan!

Heroic Features

Heroic is all about dragons and saviours, mighty ones. You will journey out to a mythical place with mountains and waterfalls falling on them, with the dragon´s kingdom in the far off. The symbols all represent this, but with lower valued symbols of the classic card deck symbols ranging from 10 to Ace. The higher valued symbols are the ginger-bearded hero, the handsome warrior, the beautiful elven-looking princess, and the white-bearded king – as well as the top player of the game, which is the game logo. These symbols are all worth differently, with values depending on the bet placed in the game. 

There are a few extra special symbols, being the dragon´s tail circling a gold egg, which is the Wild – as well as the fierce dragon head, which is the Free Spins Symbol. We will reveal all of these below!

Heroic Free Spins and Bonuses

As you might know, the quest for a hero is to find your way to the dragon´s lair and grab the treasure hiding inside. So, by finding three or more of the fierce dragon symbols on the reels, you immediately activate 10 Free Spins.

Above this, there is a Wild Symbol offered in the game, represented by the dragon tale circling and protecting the gold egg. Grab this and it will step in to substitute for other symbols and thereby create more wins for you!

The number of features offered in Heroic Video Slot isn't too extensive, but surely you won’t be missing out on anything. 

Heroic Payout

Heroic is a Video Slot played with 5 reels over 3 rows, and additional 20 paylines. The payouts are made per individual line win, while line wins with 3 Wilds always pays the highest value only. 

Heroic  Graphics and Music

Everything about Heroic Video Slot is about the quest for the treasures, those hidden in the valley of dragons. The Viking lookalikes are after it – and after saving the princess in the run. You can see this all over the place, with a stunning overlook of the mountains hiding these dark secrets. The reels are placed in the middle of the screen, in front of the impressive backdrop of the high mountains, with waterfalls coming down them. the yellow-orange skies in the back take you to a fiery feel. 

The animations, designs, and graphics are very well made and you can see cool details all over the reels. The colours are vibrant, the Vikings cool, and the views astounding. Very easy to enjoy!


Standing outside the Dragon Slayers Guild, Dvergg was downtrodden but not defeated. He went to the local tavern for something to drink and to help him think, seating himself in the far corner of the room. Barely through his first cup, the door is violently opened and in comes a rowdy bunch of adventurers. Dvergg quickly seized this opportunity and approached the newcomers with his predicaments. After a long night filled with discussions of plunder, the apparent beauty of the dwarven princess and copious amounts of ale Dvergg managed to convince the adventurers that a little-unlicensed dragon slaying was easy as pie and that no one would bother them for the proper paperwork when they had loot falling out of their pockets. 

The journey to the dragon’s lair was long and hard but our champions persisted, the thought of plunder keeping them warm through the cold nights and before they knew it they could see the vile beast’s cave looming ahead. As they came closer they noticed that the Dragon Slayers had posted guards there. Not wanting to be called scabs and get the King’s Guard called on them the party snuck past their picket lines during the lunch joust and proceeded hastily towards the awaiting prize in the lair. Dvergg whispered a quiet mumbling prayer to his favourite deity, Lady Luck, and asked her for any help she could give.

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