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Golden Pyramid

Golden Pyramid Introduction

We are going back in time to the era of mummies, Gods, and mighty Goddesses – where pyramids and treasures represented riches and power in Egypt. Hierarchies are usually visualized as pyramids that can either described well-being, what the human needs to be complete, happy or showed what the community looked like for many, many years ago. When it comes to the community latter, there were farmers and slaves, then came knights then counts, and even higher up in the hierarchy are dukes, kings, and on top – churches and mosques with its powers. 

In Golden Pyramid Video Slot, you have the chance of stepping into a golden pyramid and find out what actually hid behind the massive blocks of stones that weigh tonnes. Let us find out how Golden Pyramid can entertain and award you!

Golden Pyramid Features

In Golden Pyramid Video Slot, the reels consist of white blocks of stones that are placed in a room surrounded by statues and ancient scripts. The symbols are all worth differently, and all depending on your bet value. You can see symbols such as the Eye of Horus, the hourglass, an amulet with a peacock on, an amulet with an eagle, an amulet with a dog God, and golden vases decorated in beautifully coloured amulets. The top player of the basic symbols is the statue head of the Pharaohs. 

But keep an extra good lookout for the 3 Scatter Symbols which can open the Bonus Features and various mini-games. A Scatter can be seen as the key in the game to possibly unlock these features. We will reveal all about which these are and what they can award you, now!

Golden Pyramid Free Spins and Bonuses

By landing 3 of each Scatter Symbol, you are awarded a Feature. Below you can read about the mini-games and Bonuses offered. 

Gem Quest; the Scarabs will award you 20 Free Spins in this feature, and its goal is to collect Scarab Symbols which will grant a prize depending on their diamond colour and the number of diamonds of the same colour you have collected. It can be either green, red, or blue and they can award you coin wins. these can, if lucky, also grant you the Jackpot. 

Secret of the Pyramid; when this feature is triggered, you will see a game board inside the pyramid. In the game, your goal is to gather as many golden coins as possible. 

Chamber of Treasures; this feature will start on a game board with 6 reels over 5 rows, and here you can create matching symbols. Match 3 or more symbols and be awarded a number of credits and golden coins that generate your win. 

Golden Pyramid Payout

Golden Pyramid Video Slot offers 3 reels over 3 rows. You land a win every time 3 symbols match vertically, horizontally, or diagonally – or every time you win one of the three thrilling Bonuses. The control panel is, design wise, subtly themed and shattered across the screen. 

The game also holds an RTP of 96.5%. 

Golden Pyramid Graphics and Music

The design and the artefacts that are the symbols of Golden Pyramid Video Slot are entirely dedicated to the antique Egypt theme, taking place inside the tombs of the pyramids, these filled with statues, scripts, and paintings. These beautiful paintings are wriggling around on the lower and upper parts of the walls. In front of the reels, you can see two golden statues guarding the pyramid – these of a human and a lion. All in all, the layout and shape of the game is very clear and sophisticated which also goes for the simple yet efficient animations. The music you can hear in the background is of Egyptian genre and adds onto the feel and mood of the game. 

Golden Pyramid Conclusion

In Golden Pyramid Video Slot, the classic and amazing theme is mixed with Free Spins, mini-games, and pure wins. The graphics create a captivating atmosphere where the statues lead you to the magical spins and winning combinations. We hope that you will enjoy this game as much as we do!

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