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Golden Profits Introduction

Greek mythology – myths and teachings about gods and heroes from ancient Greece which formed part of ancient Greek religion. Myths are a source of research for scholars who want to learn more about the political and religious institutions of ancient Greece and its civilisation, and also to try and understand how these myths are formed.

Ancient literature often depicts Greek mythology through tales of the gods’, goddesses’, heroes’ and creatures’ adventures. These literary works include well known classics such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey which are based on the Trojan War and its aftermath, while Hesiod’s poems such as the Works and Days try to describe the birth of the world and other concepts such as the origins of sacrificial practices. is also fascinated by Greek mythological stories, and today we bring you Golden Profits, a 5-reel, 5-payline Greek-themed online slot brought to our casino by Booming Games

Golden Profits Game Features

Golden Profits is ideal for new players – play from as little as € 0.01 on one payline up to € 5 on each of the five winning paylines, for a maximum bet of € 25. Booming Games have created an online slot which can give you big wins and it also comes with a Free Spins mode which will surely help you in your quest – no Trojan Horse here!

Golden Profits Free Spins and bonuses

All you have to do to trigger the Free Spins mode is to land at least three Scatter symbols on the reels, where besides the payout you will receive a number of spins on the house. The Scatter symbol is represented by the Golden Profits logo set against a blue background, and this can also earn you massive wins if you land five of a kind – but more of that later on.

There is also a Wild Symbol which can substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter, and with five of these on the reels you’re bound to earn great prizes indeed.

Golden Profits Payouts

The highest paying symbols on this video slot are the special symbols. Based on the maximum bet amount of € 25, the Wild will earn you € 25 for 2 hits, € 250 for three hits, € 2,500 for four hits and a maximum of € 25,000 prize for five. The same goes for the Scatter symbol which earns you the same maximum prize amount, although you don’t earn prizes for two hits and three hits earn you a slightly lower prize of € 125.

From the regular symbol, there are mythological figures. The Zeus-like figure earns you a maximum prize of € 5,000 for five hits, and you could be in for a good payout with four hits – which will get € 1,000 rolling in. The female figure earns a maximum of € 2,500 for five hits and a € 750 prize for four hits, while the minotaur earns you € 1,000 for five of a kind.

At the bottom of the rung you will find the card symbols, all five of which can help you land some serious wins for five of a kind. The Ace earns you € 500 for five of a kind, the K stands at a maximum of € 250 while the Q brings you € 100. Finally, the J and the 10 symbols land you € 60 and € 50 respectively for landing them five times on the reels.

Golden Profits Graphics and Sound

Booming Games have stuck to a clean design for Golden Profits, doing their best not to pack in too many elements and keep the interface uncluttered. The game is easy to play and the controls are all easy to find on the main interface – not only those related to the bet amounts, but also those regulating autoplay, music and sound effects.

Golden Profits Conclusion

Spin away on Golden Profits! This video slot offers Free Spins and Wild features that are bound to get golden coins flowing into your account. Enjoy your time on Golden Profits, a great online slot produced by Booming Games!

About the Provider

Booming Games is a game developer founded in 2014 which, despite their relatively short history, has managed to grow rapidly and achieve quite a lot of prestige in the industry. Booming Games have offices in London, the Isle of Man, Athens and Manila, and deliver high-quality game content to many online casinos.

This game developer aims to become one of the leading players in the industry. Booming Games’ activity in the European gaming market has already indicated that it has everything a successful game developer needs in its back pocket. In the future, there will be plans to focus on the rest of the market, especially for other game developers in the Asian market today.

Booming Games' gaming products are always based on top quality algorithms around which gaming solutions providing rewarding experiences have been built. All of their games, of course, are also fair and meet the requirements of laws and regulations. Booming Games works closely with online casinos to create high-quality gaming content all over the world.

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