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Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp Introduction

Have you ever heard, or played, Fruit Ninja? It is a video game developed by Halfbrick and was released in April of 2010 – and was released for both mobile devices and PCs. The game is all about slicing fruits thrown in the air by swiping the device's touchscreen with its fingers or arms and hands, depending on the player device. 

The game was quickly praised and received only great critics; already in September of 2010, the game had been downloaded over 3 million times, a few months later it increased to 4 million, and by 2011 it had reached over 20 million downloads – with a current number of a whopping 300 million people pressing the download button for Ninja Fruit. Players felt it has great play value and has become one of the most infamous games in the modern history of games for multiplayer and various platforms. 

This game might just be the big inspiration behind the Thunderkick edition, with a similar layout and gameplay. Maybe this is why this Video Slot also is one of the most well-liked one by Thunderkick

We proudly present; Fruit Warp Video Slot!

Fruit Warp Features

So, as you might have realized by now, this is a game decorated in hovering fruits; the cherries, the plum, the strawberry, and the orange are the lower valued symbols. The higher valued symbols are then the banana, the grapes, the carambola, the papaya, and the top player of the game – the dragon fruit. These are all quite rewarding when landing them, but the worth, of course, varies on the bet you choose to place in the game. 

But if you thought that was it – then you are absolutely wrong! Even hovering fruits can award you some extras, these being triggered by a few extra special symbols in the shape of a heart, a meter, and more. We will tell you all about the features below!

Fruit Warp Free Spins and Bonuses

When you get 3 or more of the same symbols in one go, you trigger a win. But when you get 4 of the same symbols, you are granted a portal to Re-spins of the other symbols, replacing them with new ones. And if you get 5 symbols of a kind, you will trigger a Fruit mode. 

The Fruit Mode: each symbol matching the Fruit Mode type triggers 1 step in the so-called Warp Meter (which we will get more into in a minute). Some of these steps contain of dynamic Multipliers and extra lives. 

A new Re-spin is awarded when at least 1 symbol matches the Fruit Mode type unless the Warp Meter is full. 

The Dynamic Multipliers will increase in value for each win until they are triggered and their value is locked. The number of symbols in a win determines the Multiplier increment, made out from right to left as evenly as possible. 

When you trigger an extra Re-spin if no symbol matches the Fruit Mode type. Extra lives spent doesn’t guarantee any step increase. 

These Multiplier steps and Re-spins are both great possibilities of landing some extra wins in Fruit Warp Video Slot – so always keep a lookout for these! 

Fruit Warp Payout

Fruit Warp is a Video Slot which has occurrence win combinations, and no standard reels. All wins are triggered and paid out according to the paytable, and all occurrence wins during a round are added and presented at the end of each round. 

The game holds an RTP of 97.0%.

Fruit Warp Graphics and Music

The design and graphics of Fruit Warp are incredibly simple. There are no reels in this game, instead, the fruit symbols offered in the game are hovering on the game screen. 

The backdrop is made of tropical green, with small bubbles circling the space. In front of this, you will see upcoming fruits of all kinds – always 9 symbols visible on the screen. The way the fruits are hovering makes one think that gravity is at play here – as the fruits are spinning in the air, just simply hovering. 

Animations of the fruits are very well executed and you can see clearly how the game was inspired by the infamous game named Ninja Fruits. It is entertaining and fun, and yet another player favourite by Thunderkick!

About Thunderkick

Thunderkick is a quite young company that develops slot games and a related gaming platform. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Thunderkick’s simple goal is to contribute to a change in the gaming industry by enhancing the overall user experience of an online casino. A team founds Thunderkick with years and years of experience in gaming and game development. All the game development and platform development is done in-house. Thunderkick is driven by a passion for developing amusing games and always strives to let quality come before quantity.

Thunderkick is defining its own style by creating the perfect balance in the games they produce great graphics and excellent animations. They deliver quality games – the kind of games we as players would enjoy. Thunderkick creates video slots that are worth playing. They always deliver exactly what the market desires and what both the gambling operators and players need. They do this with a lot of passion. Their purpose is simple - to create one of the world’s greatest gaming experience.

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